Word List 46

  1. taper
  2. tarry
    to delay; dawdle
  3. tatty
    worn and shabby
  4. taut
    tight; ready
  5. tautological
    needlessly repetitious
  6. tawdry
    cheap and gaudy
  7. taxonomist
    specialist in classifying
  8. tedium
    boredom; weariness
  9. teetotalism
    practice of abstaining totally from alcohol
  10. temerity
    boldness; rashness
  11. temper
    to moderate; to tone down
  12. temperate
    restrained; self-controlled
  13. tempestuous
    stormy; violent
  14. impassioned
    passionate; ardent
  15. tempo
    speed of music
  16. secular
    worldly; not religious
  17. temporal
    not lasting forever; secular
  18. parley
    to hold an informal conference with an enemy under a truce
  19. temporize
    to act evasively to gain time
  20. tendentious
  21. tender
    to offer
  22. tenet
    doctrine; dogma
  23. tenure
    holding of an office
  24. tepid
  25. terminus
    last stop of railroad
  26. tertiary
  27. tesselated
    mosaic; inlaid
  28. testator
    a person who makes a will
  29. testy
    irritable; short-tempered
  30. thematic
    relating to a unifying motif or idea
  31. theocracy
    government run by religious leaders
  32. thespian
    pertaining to drama
  33. thrall
    slave; bondage
  34. threadbare
    worn; shabby and poor
  35. throes
    violent anguish
  36. throng
  37. throttle
    to strangle
  38. tightwad
    excessively frugal person; miser
  39. tiller
    handle used to move boat's rudder
  40. timbre
    quality of a musical tone produced by a musical instrument
  41. timidity
    lack of self-confidence
  42. timorous
  43. tipple
    to drink (alcohol) frequently
  44. tithe
    tax of one-tenth
  45. titillate
    to tickle; to excite
  46. titter
    nervous laugh
  47. titular
    having the title of an office without the obligations
  48. toady
    an obsequious flatterer; sycophant
  49. toga
    Roman outer robe
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