Chemistry Trivia (C/hang)

  1. Hypothesized the Big Bang
    George Gamow
  2. A strong source of light and radio signals that is thought to be an exploding galaxy at the edge of the universe
  3. Loss spacecraft due to failure to convert english measurement to metric system
    Mars Climate Orbiter by Lockheed Martin Corp.
  4. Layer of clay formed during the Cretaceous period showed high content of what element which caused the disappearance of dinosaurs
  5. The center of the Earth is a solid core consists of mostly what?
  6. Surrounding the core is a layer called the __.
  7. Trace elements in the human body.
    Iron, copper, zinc, iodine, and cobalt.
  8. Most abundant element in the human body
    Oxygen - 65%
  9. 6 elements that plants need in addition to water and CO2
    N, P, K ,Ca, S and Mg
  10. Phosphate fertilizers are derived from phosphate rock called __?
  11. Hard water contains what ions?
    Ca2+ and Mg 2+
  12. In a breathanalyzer, driver's breath is treated with an acidic sol'n of?
    Potassium dichromate, 2K2Cr2O7 (Orange Yellow) to Green
  13. A white, tasteless compound of arsenic that dissolves in water which is commonly used in poisons.
    Arsenic (III) Oxide, As2O3
  14. Devised a procedure for detecting Arsenic. in which its test bears his name.
    James Marsh.

    If As2O3 is present it reacts with Hydrogen to form a toxic gas called ARSINE (AsH3)
  15. As air expands in the lungs, it is forced into tiny blood vessels called capillaries. This phenomena is called?
    Air embolism
  16. BEC was created by cooling a sample of gaseous ____ atoms using a technique called laser cooling.
  17. A process in which a laser light is directed at a beam of atoms, hitting them head on and dramatically slowing them down.
    Laser cooling
  18. The food we eat is broken down, or metabolized, in stages by group of complex biological molecules called what?
  19. The energy content in food is usually measured in what?
  20. Chemical spray used by Bombardier beetles.
    Aqueous solution of hydroquinone, C6H4(OH)2, and hydrogen peroxide
  21. The first known laser
    Ruby laser
  22. Spectrum of visible light
    400 nm
  23. X Ray spectrum range
    0.01 nm to 10nm
  24. Type of electron microscope which makes use of a quantum mechanical property of an electron to produce an image of the atom on the surface of the sample.
    Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM)
  25. German physicist who studied the emission spectrum of the sun and noticed certain dark lines at specific wavelengths
    Josef Fraunhofer
  26. The pearly white crown of light visible around the sun during a total eclipse
  27. French physicist who observed a bright yellow line in the emission spectrum of the sun's corona during the totality of the eclipse.
    Pierre Janssen
  28. British Chemist who discovered Helium in a mineral of Uranium
    William Ramsay
  29. The only 3 liquid elements at 25 deg. C
    Mercury, Bromine and Francium
  30. Element which means "the lazy one" in Greek
  31. Noble gas which discovered by Frederick Dorn
  32. Professor of physics who accurately determined the atomic masses of elements
    John William Strutt
  33. NaCl also occurs in nature as the mineral called
  34. A small molecule that serves to facilitate cell to cell communications
  35. The inventor of dynamite who had heart trouble and refused to ingest a small amount of nitroglycerin to ease the pain
    Alfred Nobel
  36. A mixture of nitroglycerin and clay that stabilizes the explosive before use.
  37. The most symmetrical molecule known
    • Buckyball
    • or "Buckminsterfullerene"
  38. Metals or alloys that when cooled to very low temp, lose their resistance totally.
  39. Two allotropic forms of tin.
    Alpha (gray tin) and Beta (white tin)
  40. Boiling point of water decreases with decreasing pressure. True or False
  41. Melting point decreases with increasing pressure
  42. Class of substances tends so greatly toward an ordered arrangement that melting crystal first forms a milky liquid
    Paracrystalliine State
  43. At high temp, Milky fluid changes sharply into a clear liquid that behaves like an ordinary liquid.
    Liquid crystal
  44. Killer lake which contains CO2 at a dangerously high level.
    Lake Nyos in Cameroon, Africa
  45. Traditional method of measuring a knife for autopsy was to pour _____ solution into the wound and X ray it.
    Barium sulfate (BaSO4)
  46. An allow of bismuth, lead, tin and cadmium that has a melting point of 71 deg C.
    Wood's metal
  47. A deficienct in the amount of oxygen reaching body tissues
  48. A thin, acidic difestive fluid secreted by glands in the mucus membrane that lines the stomach
    Gastric juice
  49. An organic polymer that imparts rigidity to paper but oxidizes easily causing the paper to discolor.
  50. Sizing of paper to prevent ink creep which results in a smooth surface is done using a coat of what compound?
    Aluminum sulfate (Al2(SO4)3)
  51. Red blood cells, a component of blood, are also called _?
  52. Crystalline form of calcium carbonate which comprises an eggshell
  53. The inorganic, insoluble compound of calcium in the bone
    Calcium phosphate, Ca3(PO4)2
  54. An egg white is also known as
  55. A machine that converts thermal energy to work
    Heat engine
  56. A bacteria species that generates electricity
  57. The material most commonly used to fill decaying teeth
    Dental amalgam
  58. Substance made by combining mercury with another metal or metals.
  59. Mining in an open pit after removal of the overlaying earth and rock
    Strip mining
  60. Coal in gaseous form is called
  61. The explosive fertilizer
    Ammonium nitrate
  62. A green pigment usually used in wallpaper when Napoleon lived
    Copper Arsenate , CuHAsO4
  63. An american chemist received a Nobel prize for his work on radiocarbon dating
    Willard F. Libby
  64. Aluminum ore is called
  65. Process to extract aluminum from its ore
    Hall process
  66. Carries oxygen in the blood to the lungs and tissues
  67. Imparts a bluish tinge to venous blood
  68. The anticancer drug with a side effect of kidney damage

    • Cisdiamminedichloroplatinum,
    • Pt(NH3)2Cl2
  69. When all the fuel in a star is consumed, its core collapses and its.outer layer explodes in a?
  70. Nature's own "fission reactor" is found in?
    Oklo mine, Gabon Republic
  71. U235 is more abundant than U238. True or False

    • U235 - 0.7202 %
    • U238 - 99.2798 %
  72. U235 has a lower half life than U238. True or false?

    • U235 - 700 million
    • U238 - 4.51 billion
  73. Radiation sources for most food preservation
    • Cobalt 60 & Cesium 137.
    • Gamma emitters
  74. An approach to treat brain tumor which uses a boron isotope 10B
    Boron neutron capture therapy
  75. Ore where lead can be extracted
  76. Ice that burns
    Methane hydrate
  77. Unrefined petroleum, a viscous, dark brown liquid
    Crude oil
  78. Gasolines are usually rated according to their __, a meaure of their tendency to cause knocking.
    Octane number
  79. Polymer used to make bullet proof windows
  80. A hereditary disease in which abnormally shaped red blood cells restrict the flow of blood to vital organs
    Sickle cell anemia
  81. The human genetic makeup
  82. Each gene has a sequence of bases, repeated several times, that has no known function. These sequences are called
  83. Proponent of DNA fingerprinting
    Alec Jeffreys
  84. Hair contains a special class of proteins called
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