Kingdom Classification and Cells

  1. Taxonomy referes to
    Science of classification
  2. What and How many Kingdomes were there at the time of Aristotle
    • Two
    • 1. The Plant Kingdom (Green and does not move)
    • 2. The Animal Kingdom (Not green, Moves and Eats)
  3. What are some of the contributions of Robert Hooke
    • He designed the Compound Microscope
    • He named the structures he observed, while viewing a section of a cork, cells
  4. Contributions from Schleiden and Schwann
    • 19th Century
    • Schleiden (All Plants are made of Cells)
    • Schwann (All Animales are made of Cells)
  5. Who proposed the Cell Theory and describe it
    • Rudolf Virchow
    • 1. “All living things are made of cells”
    • 2. “All cells come from pre-existing cells”
    • This theory contradicted the theory of Spontaneous Generation
  6. The Kingdom Protista was proposed in what Country
  7. What cell were included in the Protista kingdom
    • amoeba
    • euglena
    • paramecium
    • stentor
    • slime mold
    • dinoflagellate
  8. In what Century was the Kingdom Fungi proposed
    20th century
  9. Why do you think the Kingdom Fungi was proposed
    • Unlike plants they can make their own food from inorganic compounds
    • Fungi breakdown and absorb organic material
  10. In what Centory was the Kingdom Monera proposed
    20th Centry
  11. Show the evelution tree using the five kingdoms
    Image Upload 2
  12. How many Billion Years was the Earth fromed
    4.5 Billion Years Ago
  13. How many Billion years did the first Prokaryotic Cell arise
    3.5 Billion Years gao
  14. How many Billion years did the first Eukaryotic Cell arise
    1.5 Billion Years ago
  15. Why was the Kingdom Monera proposed
    • The electron microscope showed important differences in bacterial cells. Which lead to the distinction of Prokaryotic cells (before Nuleus) and Eukarotic cells (true Nuleus). Therefore all ProKaryotic cells are from the Monera Kingdom, the 3 groups are;
    • Eubacteria
    • Archea
    • Cyanobacteria
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