Anglo-Saxton Vocab

  1. Aboard
    On, on a ship/train/bus
  2. afoul
  3. afoul of
    into collision or entanglement
  4. aloof
    in a state of being at a distance
  5. amiss
    wrong, imperfect, faulty
  6. asunder
  7. withdraw
    draw back, take back
  8. Withhold
    hold back
  9. withstand
    stand up against, resist
  10. notwithstanding
  11. beset
    surround, attack on all sides
  12. begrime
    cover with grime, make dirty
  13. benighted
    overtaken by darkness, morally ignorant
  14. belittle
    cause or seem to be unimportant
  15. contrariwise
    on the contrary (ant. Likewise)
  16. nowise
    in no way, not at all
  17. earldom
    realm or dignity of an earl
  18. martyrdom
    state of being a matyr
  19. officialdom
    having the authority of officials
  20. cumbersome
  21. fulsome
    offensive because of obvious insinserity
  22. lissom(e)
    limber, nimble
  23. meDDlesome
    intrusive, impertinent, interfering
  24. meTTlesome
    full of courage, spirited
  25. noisome
    offensive to smell, unwholesome
  26. winsome
    full of winning, cheerful, merry
  27. twosome
    group of two
  28. hireling
    one whose only interest in their work is the pay
  29. starveling
    thin from lack of food
  30. suckling
    child or animal that is nursed
  31. yearling
    one who is a year old
  32. changeling
    Child secretly exCHANGEd for another during infancy
  33. duckling
    little duck
  34. foundling
    infant found after being deserted by unknown parents
  35. gosling
    young goose
  36. sibling
    brother or sister
  37. stripling
  38. anent
    about, concerning, in respect to
  39. anon
    soon, presently
  40. behest
    command, order
  41. beholden
    bound in graditude, indebted
  42. behoove
    be nessesary for, be proper for
  43. betimes
  44. heath
    tract of wasteland
  45. wane
    decrease, dwindle
  46. warlock
    sorcerer, wizard
  47. warp
    threads running lengthwise in a loom
  48. wax
    grow, increase
  49. withal (with-all)
    with it all, in addition, despite that
  50. woof
    threads running side to side in a woven fabric
  51. yclept
    named, called
  52. fatherly
    pertaining to a father
  53. motherly
    pertaining to a mother
  54. brotherly
    pertaining to a brother
  55. daughterly
    pertaining to a daughter
  56. childlike
    of or like a child in a good sence-childlike innocense
  57. childish
    of or like a child in a bad sense
  58. manly
    having characteristics or qualities attributed to a man
  59. womanly
    having qualities or characteristics attributed to a woman
  60. devilish
    like a devil, mischivious
  61. bearish
    like a bear, rough/ expecting a FALL in stock prices
  62. Bullish
    like a bull, obstinate/expecting a RISE in stock prices
  63. Catlike
    like a cat
  64. cowlike
    resembling a cow
  65. Oxlike
    resembling an ox
  66. doggish
  67. Donkeyish
    like a donkey
  68. fishy
    like a fish in smell or taste
  69. foxy
    foxlike, sly, wily
  70. goatish
    goatlike, coarse, lustful
  71. horsy
    having to do with horses or horse racing
  72. piggish
    hoggish, swinish
  73. sheepish
    like a sheep in timidity or stupidity, akwardly bashful or embarrased
  74. wolfish
    characteristic of a wolf, ferocious
  75. bloody
    smeared with blood
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