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  1. What is a mineral?
    Minerals are natural, non living substances with definite chemical properties.
  2. In order to be a mineral a sample has to:
    • 1. be a solid in its natural state
    • 2. have a crystal form
    • 3. have its own set of properties
    • 4. occur naturally (can not be man made)
    • 5. not formed by a living thing (it must be inorganic)
  3. How many layers does the Earth have?
  4. What part of the Earth are minerals located?
  5. What two layers of the make up the Lithosphere?
    The crust and mantle
  6. Color
    A mineral may be one color or different colors
  7. Luster
    How a mineral's surface reflects light
  8. Types of luster
    Shiny, glassy, dull, metallic, or oily looking
  9. Hardness
    A mineral can be very hard, very soft or in between
  10. Streak
    The color of a mark that a mineral makes when it is scraped
  11. Cleavage
    Breaking along a smooth flat surface
  12. Fracture
    Breaking along a rough or jagged surface
  13. Mohs Hardness Scale.  Describe what the numbers represent and how to use the scratch test.
    The numbers of the Mohs Hardness Scale represent how hard a mineral is.  One means it is very soft and ten means it is very hard.  Harder minerals scratch softer ones
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