Vocabulary (196-260)

  1. Drench
    To make very wet
  2. Drought
    A long period of dry weather
  3. Drowsy
    Very Sleepy
  4. Dubious
  5. Dungeon
    A dark cell, a prison
  6. Durable
    Sturdy, lasting
  7. Duration
    The length of time from beginning to end
  8. Dusk
    Evening, just before dark
  9. Earthquake
    A shaking of earth surface caused by disturbances underground
  10. Eccentric
    Odd, strange
  11. Eloquence
    persuasive, graceful language
  12. Elucidate
    To make understandable
  13. Elusive
    Tending to escape notice
  14. Emit
    To give off
  15. Emphasis
    Special attention
  16. Emulate
    To try to equal or excel
  17. Endeavor
    To make an effort, to try very hard
  18. Energy
    Vigor, strength
  19. Enervate
    To debilitate, to weaken
  20. Enhance
    To make greater, better
  21. Entice
    To attract, to lure
  22. Envious
    Discontent or resentful because of another's possessions or qualities
  23. Equitably
    Fairly, justly
  24. Equivocal
    Ambiguous, evasive
  25. Eradicate
    to remove all traces
  26. Erosion
    Wearing away
  27. Erudite
  28. Escort
  29. Essential
    Necessary, important
  30. Esteem
    A favorable opinion, respect
  31. Eulogy
    High praise, laudation
  32. Evolve
    To develop gradually
  33. Exacting
    Detailed, Meticulous
  34. Exasperate
    To make angry or impatient
  35. Exceed
    To be greater than
  36. Exhausted
    Very tired
  37. Exorbitant
    Extravagant, excessive
  38. Expand
    To make larger
  39. Expanse
    A large area
  40. Expire
    To cease to be effective, to terminate
  41. Explicit
    Very clear, definite
  42. Exploit
    to use for selfish advantage or profit
  43. Expound
    To explain in detail
  44. Extempore
    Without preparation, impromptu
  45. Extensive
  46. Extinct
    No longer active, having died
  47. Extol
    To praise highly
  48. Extravagance
    Excess spending
  49. Exultant
    Very happy, full of joy
  50. Facile
  51. Falter
    To move hesitantly , unsteadily
  52. Famine
  53. Fascinate
    To attract powerfully, to charm
  54. Feat
    An act requiring geat strength or courage
  55. Feeble
    Lacking strength or power
  56. Ferry
    To cross a river or a narrow body of water
  57. Feud
    To engage in a long, bitter hostility
  58. Flatter
    To praise too much
  59. Flee
    To escape swiftly
  60. Flicker
    To shine unsteadily
  61. Flimsy
    Lacking solidarity, strength
  62. Flip
    To overturn
  63. Flounder
    To move awkwardly
  64. Fluffy
    Soft, airy
  65. Foolish
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