gov. 6-7

  1. body of electors from the House of Representatives
    electoral college
  2. granted the District of Columbia three electors
    23rd Amendment
  3. a candidate who fails to win a majority of popular votes and yet wins the Presidency
    minority President
  4. the highest number of votes but less than the number of total votes
  5. provides for the Vice president to succeed the President if the President should resign or die while in office
    25th Amendment
  6. electors will cast one ballot for president and the second ballot for vice president
    12th Amendment
  7. what are the five primary roles of the President
    • Chief of State
    • Chief Executive
    • Chief Legislator
    • Chief Diplomat
    • Commander in Chief
  8. when does the presidential inauguration take place
    January 20 at noon
  9. most famous treaty to be sighned in recent times
    START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty)
  10. what's the most famous treaty that Congress refused to pass
    Treaty of Versailles
  11. the collection of behaviors and ceremonies that are observed by diplomats and heads of states
  12. commands by the President which have the commands by the President which have force of law without Congress' approval
    executive orders
  13. the issues that will be considered and debated in Congress during the coming year
  14. what organization is the most directly involved in assisting the President
    Executive office of the President (EOP)
  15. what is the highest level advisory body that keeps the President informed on military and diplomatic issues of national security
    National Security Council (NSC)
  16. what is the swapping of political support for a government job
  17. the three types of organizations which make up the federal bureaucracy today
    • departments
    • independent agencies
    • government corporations
  18. Which executive department has the largest budget
    Health of Human Services
  19. which executive department has the most employees
  20. large, complex organization made up of appointed officials
  21. the ability to do the job
  22. a collection of legislative proposals aimed at providing socialist benefits such as government-financed pensions and health care
    New Deal
  23. the fifteen heads of the executive departments form for the President's
  24. employees of executive department hired rather than appointed
    career civil servants
  25. agencies that tend to have a singe function and report directly to the President
    independent executive agencies
  26. agencies have been created by Congress to regulate some area of American life
    independent regulatory agencies
  27. what two agencies are within the executive department
    • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)
  28. a public company that operates a quasi-business enterprise
    government corporation
  29. who creates the statutory laws
    legislature department
  30. first legal (statutory) publications
    slip laws
  31. a publication containing the slip laws
    US. Statutes-at-Large
  32. a publication of both the regulations being proposed and those being implemented by agencies
    Federal Register
  33. yearly publication that lists all the regulations issued that year as well as previous regulations still in effect
    Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  34. a special group of judges who preside over informal, little-publicized cases arising out of agency decisions
    administrative-law judge (ALJs)
  35. what is it called when the government spends more money than received in a given time
    deficit spending
  36. the commission under the President Reagan that investigated federal spending
    Grace Commission
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