Vocabulary 3 (131-195)

  1. Confident
    Sure of oneself
  2. Confine
    To limit
  3. Confiscate
    To seize by authority
  4. Congeal
    To become hard, to solidify
  5. Congenial
    Pleasing in nature or character, agreeable
  6. Congenital
    Existing at birth but not hereditary
  7. Congestion
  8. Conjecture
    A supposition, a guess
  9. Conscientious
    Careful, honest
  10. Constantly
    All the time
  11. Contaminated
  12. Contract
    To reduce
  13. Conventional
    Usual, ordinary
  14. Conversion
    A change
  15. Core
    A center
  16. Coward
    One who lacks courage
  17. Crave
    To desire greatly
  18. Credulous
    Gullible, Inclined to believe too readily
  19. Creed
    A belief, a faith
  20. Crude
    Not finished, rough
  21. Cruise
    To drive slowly
  22. Crumb
    A small piece of bread or cake
  23. Crutch
    A support used as an aid in walking
  24. Cryptic
    Secret, Hidden
  25. Culpable
    Deserving blame
  26. Curt
    Rudely brief in speech or manner
  27. Curtail
    To shorten
  28. Dagger
    A knife
  29. Dangle
    To hang loosely, to swing
  30. Debtor
    One who owes
  31. Decade
    A period of ten years
  32. Decency
    Modest behaviour, propriety
  33. Deck
    The floor of a ship
  34. Decline
    A downward slope
  35. Decrepit
    Weakened by illness or age, badly used
  36. Dedicate
    To honor someone by placing his or her name at the beginning of a literary work or artistic performance.
  37. Defect
    An imperfection
  38. Deformed
  39. Deliberately
    In a planned way
  40. Demolish
    To tear down completely
  41. Dent
    To depress a surface by pressure or blow
  42. Depict
    To describe
  43. Deprecate
    To express disapproval
  44. Deprive
    To take away
  45. Deride
    To make fun of, to jeer
  46. Designate
    To name, to specify
  47. Detect
    To discover
  48. Deterioration
    Lower value, depreciation
  49. Detest
    To hate
  50. Deviate
    To depart from, to differ
  51. Diffidence
    Lack of confidence in oneself
  52. Digress
    To stray from the main subject
  53. Dilate
    To become wider, larger
  54. Diligent
    Industrial, busy
  55. Diminutive
    A small amount, something small
  56. Dingy
    Dirty, shabby
  57. Disband
    To dissolve, to discontinue
  58. Discard
    To throw out
  59. Discern
    To recognize, to perceive
  60. Dispatch
    To send
  61. Dissect
    To examine, to criticize
  62. Disseminate
    To spread, to distribute
  63. Divert
    To entertain, to amuse
  64. Divulge
    To make known, to reveal
  65. Doze
    To sleep for a short time, to take a nap
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