chapter 24 trauma overview

  1. Energy and Trauma:

    traumatic injuries occur when the body is exposed to energy levels beyond their
  2. Energy and Trauma:

    ____ of injury is the way traumatic injury occurs
    mechanism of injury
  3. Energy and Trauma:

    ____ is define as force acting over a distance
  4. Energy and Trauma:

    _____ energy is engery of a moving object
  5. Energy and Trauma:

    the formula for kinetic energy is 
    KE=1/2 mass x velocity2
  6. Energy and Trauma:kinetic energy

    according to kinetic energy formula
    injury doubles when the objects weight doubles and quadruples when the speed doubles 
  7. Energy and Trauma:

    _____ energy is the product of mass, force of gravity and height
    potential ennergy
  8. Mechanism of Injury Profiles:

    these are example of ____ injuries
    -injury to an isolated body part
    -fall without loss of consciousness
  9. Mechanism of Injury Profiles:

    these are examples of _____ injuries
    -multisystem injury
    -falls from heights
    -motor vehicle crashes
    -car vs pedestrian 
    -gun shot wounds
    significant injuries
  10. Vehicular Crashes:

    crashes consist of how many collisions
  11. Vehicular Crashes:

    the first collision is ____ vs ___
    car vs object
  12. Vehicular Crashes:

    the second collision is ____ vs ____
    human vs car
  13. Vehicular Crashes:

    the third collision is ____ vs ____
    organs vs body
  14. frontal collisions:

    ___ and ___ are effective in preventing second collisions
    seatbelts and airbags
  15. frontal collisions:

    _____ reduce severity of thrid collision
  16. frontal collisions:

    _____ reduce the severity of deceleration injuries and decrease injury to the chest, face, and head
  17. frontal collisions:

    children shorter than 4'9 should ride in which seat of the car
    rear seat
  18. rear end crashes:

    rear end crashes can cause ____ type injuries in the absense or improperly place head rest
    whip lash
  19. lateral crashes:

    Approximately 25% of all severe injuries to the aorta that occur in motor vehicle crashes are a result of lateral collisions
  20. if a vehicle is struck and is compressed atleast 12" it is considered a significant injury
  21. Car Versus Bicycle:

    assume the patient has sustained damage to the ____ ____
    spinal column
  22. Falls:

    a fall greater than ___ft is considered a significant injury
  23. Penetrating Trauma:

    knives, ice picks, and other sharps are considered ____ energy penetrating trauma
    low energy
  24. Penetrating Trauma:

    _____ results from rapid changes in tissue and fluid pressure that occur with the passage of the projectile.
  25. Blast injuries:

    hollow organs are most susceptible to ____ injuries
  26. Management: Transport and Destination:

    what level facility is open 24/7 365 and has specialized surgeons on duty
    level 1
  27. Management: Transport and Destination:

    what level facility has just general surgeons
    level 2
  28. Management: Transport and Destination:

    what level facility has general surgeons on call
    level 3
  29. Management: Transport and Destination:

    what level facility has general surgeons only when the ER is open
    level 4
  30. Management: Transport and Destination:

    trauma centers are characterized by either _____ or ____ trauma centers
    adult or pediatric
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