technique 88

  1. thought emotion effort or
    counter thought counter emotion counter effort
  2. what is the decision no
    its not to be, no motion, nothing, zero
  3. the decision yes or to be is what
    its to be, a infinity of beingness, you could be the universe and all eight dynamics
  4. the less one is in motion the less
    time, space and energy one has
  5. all there is in the physical universe is
    space and time or space is time and time is space
  6. what is energy
    its motion
  7. what is motion dependent upon
    space and time
  8. the most fun you ever had is when you
    made illusions
  9. the power of creation is the power of
    its the power of illusion
  10. what is ones idenity
    its all of ones experience in existence
  11. when you receive a counter thought emoting or effort what do you do with it
    you use them as a motivator
  12. if you don't use a counter thought emotion or effort what happens
    you get hung up on a maybe
  13. knowingness can be done by
    approximation and pervasion
  14. a facsimile is a
    mental picture
  15. attention units can be either
    fixed or scattered
  16. what are the five methods of action, or tackling a problem
    attack, avoid, flee, neglect, succumb
  17. so free theta can also be what
    attention units that is available to use
  18. what is physical awareness
    its attention units
  19. validation is what
    giving one a license to survive, enforced ARC
  20. invalidation is what
    is giving one a license not to survive, inhibited ARC
  21. what is invalidation
    i know not, i am not, i am a effect, forget, destroyed
  22. how does one interfere with one's self determinism
    by validating and invalidating
  23. what comes before every aberrated thought
    a aberrated counter effort, its counter effort, emotion, thought
  24. what makes a secondary
    counter effort, emotion, thought
  25. what is invalidation
    its the cancellation of any thought , emotion, or effort, by any counter thought, counter emotion, or counter effort
  26. how does one win and loose
    wins by overcoming a counter thought emotion effort, one looses by succumbing to a counter thought emotion effort
  27. when you sure of your own survival you can't be
  28. when your uncertain about your survival you can
    easily by a look of some one feel invalidated
  29. what three things can energy do
    1 it flows in or out, 2 by hitting something it enturbulates, or makes ridges, 3 it disperses
  30. solids are what
    enturbulated energy flows, or matter
  31. what is entheta
    enturublated energy
  32. what kind or energy flow is fear
    its a dispersal
  33. what energy flow is antagonism
    its a flow
  34. what energy flow is anger and grief
    enturbulation, its a holder
  35. what contra survival aspects are there
    contra survival thoughts emotions efforts actions beliefs imagination habits
  36. what is the number one abberation
    what am i, who am i, why am i here
  37. everything advertisement is telling you to do what
    to take care of your MEST body
  38. people are identified by what
    by a name applied to a MEST body
  39. what is everyone focused on
    the feeding and caring of the physical pet
  40. what is dynamic one
    its the theta bodies concern with the theta body, ort the theta bodies concern for the MEST body
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