1. Temporary Manual Block Signal
    This signal will only be placed in service by Form L or General Notice and is not connected with distant signals. Trains will approach this signal prepared to stop.
  2. Zone A / Stop-and-proceed
    Automatic signals in Zone A territory are represented and identified by a placard ending in a numeral.
  3. Zone A / Stop-signal
    Interlocking color light signals that are numbered whose most restrictive aspect is "Stop-signal" and end with a letter are in service between the westward limits of A and KN interlockings and the eastward limits of C and JO interlockings.
  4. Block-limit
    Yellow light to be placed next to track governed.
  5. Approach Block-limit
    Will not apply to trains authorized by Clearance Card Form K to pass the Block-limit station as though Clear-block signal were displayed.
  6. Stop-signal / Train Order
    To apply to trains governed by fixed signal with which connected.
  7. Train Order
    By day the yellow lamp is not displayed. When displayed in the direction of an approaching train or trains, it must not be passed by any train on any track except as provided in Rule 221.
  8. Distant Switch Indicator
    Numeral on signal mast indicates the number of facing point switches connected to the signal.
  9. Standard Whistle Post
    Whistle post will be to the right of and adjacent to the track to which it refers.
  10. Roadway Workers portable whistle post
    When used, the portable whistle post will be placed to the right of the track.
  11. Quiet Zone Indicator
    Will be adjacent to the track which it governs.
  12. Spring switch marker
    Adjacent to spring switch which it refers.
  13. Distant Signal Marker
    The disc will be mounted on the mast of a distant signal in Automatic Block Signal System territory where Automatic Speed Control Rules are not in effect {or} on the mast of a distant signal in Manual Block Signal System territory.
  14. Delay in block sign
    The sign will be displayed at or near the departure end of passenger stations in Automatic Block Signal System territory where Automatic Speed Control Rules are not in effect {or} in Manual Block Signal System territory when the passenger station is located between a distant signal and the next home signal.
  15. Clearance Point sign
    A clearance point sign may be accompanied by a TRACK ACCESS sign indicating tracks accessible from the clearance point sign. Track access signs, where in service, will be indicated by a yellow background with black letters.
  16. Permanent speed restriction sign
    Numerals indicate maximum authorized track speed as specified in Special Instruction 1038-B.
  17. Advance Speed-limit sign
    Numerals indicate speed permitted at Speed-limit sign ahead.
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