Chapter 2 Key Terms (Vocabulary)

  1. -Any object that can establish that a crime has been committed or can link a crime and a victim or its perpetrator.
    Physical Evidence
  2. -A sketch, drawn at the crime scene, that contains an accurate depiction of the dimensions of the scene and shows the location of all objects having a bearing on the case.
    Rough Sketch
  3. -A precise rendering of the crime scene, usually drawn to scale.
    Finished Sketch
  4. -A list of all people who came into possession of an item of evidence.
    Chain of Custody
  5. -Physical evidence whose origin is known, such as blood or hair from a suspect, that can be compared to crime-scene evidence.
    Standard/Reference Sample
  6. -A swab of the inner portion of the cheek, performed to collect cells for use in determining the DNA profile of an individual.
    Buccal Swab
  7. -Uncontaminated surface material close to an area where physical evidence has been deposited; used to ensure that the surface on which a sample has been deposited does not interfere with laboratory tests.
    Substrate Control
  8. -The medical dissection and examination of a body in order to determine the cause of death.
  9. -A medical condition that occurs after death and results in the stiffening of muscle mass; the rigidity of the body begins within 24 hours of death and disappears within 36 hours of death.
    Rigor Mortis
  10. -A medical condition that occurs after death and results in the settling of blood in areas of the body closest to the ground.
    Livor Mortis
  11. -A process that occurs after death in which the body temperature continually cools until it reaches the ambient or room temperature.
    Algor Mortis
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Chapter 2 Key Terms (Vocabulary)
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