1. The right to make rational decisions free from external pressures

    ex. A radiographer may be put in the middle between a patient's wish to refuse an exam & a physician's order for an x-ray procedure
  2. All acts must be meant to attain a good result or to be beneficial

    ex. A radiographer may refuse to perform a procedure if it will harm the patient- even if it goes against the doctor's order or directions given to you by a co-worker
  3. Medical information is to be kept private unless there is a direct threat to the patient or others

    ex. A supervisor may have to tell a radiographer that the patient is HIV-positive prior to the start of a radiographic procedure
  4. Some actions may produce both good & bad effects

    ex. Although exposure to radiation is harmful to the body, the information obtained may help restore the person to good health
    Double Effect
  5. The duty fo fulfill one's commitments; keeping promises

    ex. A radiographer should not suggest to the patient that results of a test will be normal or promise something that cannot be achieved
  6. Treating all persons equally

    ex. Patients should be cared for with equal intent according to need, regardless of a radiographer's personal feelings toward the indiviual
  7. To abstain from inflicting harm or to prevent harm

    ex. A radiographer should act only within their scope of practice & provide care in a safe, effective manner
  8. Making decisions regarding care without consulting the person affected

    ex. Patients should always be consulted whenever a decision affects their care, unless action is need to prevent immediate harm
  9. Believing that no one has the right to judge another person's quality of life

    ex. A radiographer cannot make life or death decisions for a patient or withhold care because of their feelings toward the worth or quality of a person's life
    Sanctity of Life
  10. Honesty & truthfulness in professional practice

    ex. A radiographer may have to admit they made an error in caring for a patient, especially if that admission affects the quality of care
  11. Keeping patient's belongings safe & caring for the employer's property

    ex. Patient's belongings are the responsibility of the radiographer & should be treated with care; care should be taken with equipment & other property of the employer
    Respect for Property
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