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  1. extenuating
    something that lessens the seriousness or guilt of something else
  2. extirpate
    to destroy at the core; to tear out from the roots
  3. extol
    to praise greatly
  4. extort
    to obtain by threat or intimidation
  5. extricate
    to free from an entanglement or difficulty, may be physical or theoretical
  6. exuberance
    joyous, unbridled enthusiasm
  7. facetious
    treating serious issues in a humorous manner; lighthearted in a way that is not always appropriate
  8. facilitate
    to bring about; to make something easier to happen
  9. factious
    produced by dissatisfaction within a larger group; internal strife or dissatisfaction
  10. fallacious
    based on something misunderstood or incorrect
  11. fallacy
    something that is untrue, usually believed due to false logic or bad information
  12. fallow
    prepared for planting but left unsown in order to give the earth time to rejuvenate; inactive
  13. falter
    to hesitate or be unsteady, usually from fear; to lose courage and be unable to act
  14. fanaticism
    extreme, often irrational belief in something, characterized by criticism of differing viewpoints
  15. fathom
    to understand on a deep level; to truly comprehend
  16. fawn
    to flatter in a subservient manner in order to gain favor; may include putting oneself down in order to build the other person up
  17. feint
    a false, misleading move intended to draw attention away from the real action or activity, usually used in sporting events (noun) or to make such a move (verb)
  18. fell
    to cut or knock down; to topple
  19. fervid
    intensely enthusiastic; wildly supportive or excited
  20. fitful
    irregular; broken up; not steady
  21. flamboyant
    elaborate; highly energetic; tending to draw attention
  22. flippant
    disrespectful but often humors; not showing seriousness
  23. florid
    flushed with color, usually reddish; ruddy
  24. flout
    to openly disregard or show contempt for
  25. foment
    to incite or instigate; to stir up, usually to action
  26. foolhardy
    rash; uncaring of the consequences; daring in an irresponsible way
  27. foppish
    overly concered with looks, style, and mannerism
  28. forbearance
    patience and self-control, especially when faced with an annoyance
  29. forswear
    to deny, renounce, or agree to give up, usually in a formal setting such as under oath or before God
  30. frantic
    overcome with fear, anxiety, or another negative emotion
  31. frivolous
    carefree; having no serious purpose
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