Mobility Abbreviations

  1. TCDB
    turn, cough, deep breathe
  2. IS q 1 hr WA
    incentive spirometry every hour while awake
  3. SOB/DOE
    shortness of breath/dyspnea on exertion
  4. O2 @ 2L per NC
    oxygen at 2 liters per nasal cannula
  5. RA
    room air
  6. CSM
    circulation, sensory, motor function
  7. BRP
    bathroom privilages
  8. BSC
    bedside commode
  9. PROM
    passive range of motion
  10. AROM
    active range of motion
  11. FWW
    frontwheeled walker
  12. WC
    wheel chair
  13. WBAT
    weight baring as tolerated
  14. TTWB
    touch toe weight baring (toes down)
  15. FWB
    full weight baring
  16. THP
    total hip precautions
  17. PT
    physical therapist
  18. OT
    occupational therapist
  19. ST
    speech therapist
  20. HOB
    head of bed
  21. ORIF
    open reduction internal fixation

    means broken leg fixed (reduced, put back in place) by pins internally
  22. MAE
    moves all limbs
  23. PLOF
    previous level of function
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