Sunday Quizes 1 & 2

  1. Which description correctly identifies each of the following materials?

    (Compound, Heterogeneous Mixture, Alloy, Homogeneous Mixture, or Element) 

    1. air
    2. carbon monoxide
    3. zinc
    4. pizza with pepperonis
    • 1.homogeneous mixture
    • 2. compound
    • 3. element 
    • 4. heterogeneous mixture
  2. Which of these properties could not be used to distinguish between table salt and table sugar?

    -melting point
    -boiling point
  3. Which phrase best describes an apple?

    -heterogenous compound
    -homogenous compound
    -homogeneous mixture
    -heterogeneous mixture
    -heterogeneous mixture
  4. Which of the following is NOT a chemical change?

    -water boiling
    -steel rusting
    -charcoal burning
    -a newspaper yellowing in the sun
    water boiling
  5. The lab process of distillation would be used to separate which of the following substances?

    -iron and sand
    -salt and sand
    -water and alcohol
    water and alcohol
  6. If the temperature of a piece of steel decreases, what happens to its density?

    -the density increases
    -the density decreases
    -the density does not change
    -the density first increases, then decreases
    the density increases
  7. What is the method for finding the volume of an irregular shape?

    -mass it
  8. A graduated cylinder contains 44.2 mL of water. A 48.6 g piece of metal is carefully dropped into the cylinder. When the metal is completely covered with water, the water rises to 51.3 mL mark. What is the density of the metal?
    6.85 g/mL
  9. The density of osmium, which is the densest metal, is 22.57 g/cm. What is the mass of a block of osmium that measures 1.00 cm, 4.00 cm, and 2.50 cm?
  10. What is the volume of 80.0 g of ether if the density of ether is 0.70 g/mL?
    1.1 x10²
  11. If a liter of water is heated from 20C to 50C, what happens to its volume?

    -The volume decreases
    -The volume first decreases, then increases
    -The volume increases
    -The volume first increases, then decreases
    The volume increases
  12. If a substance contracts when it freezes, its...

    -density will increase
    -density will remain the same
    -density will decrease
    -change in density cannot be predicted
    Density will increase
  13. What is the volume of 45.6 g of silver if the density of silver is 10.5 g/mL?
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