Vital Signs Medication List

  1. Acetaminophen
    • Analgesic, antipyretic
    • Lowers body temperature, reduces fever
  2. Benazepril
    • ACE inhibitor (angiotensin-converting enzyme)
    • Systemic vasodilation decreasing blood pressure
  3. Digoxin
    • Antiarrhythmic, inotropic
    • Increases cardiac output and slows heart rate
  4. Diltiazem
    • Antianginal, antiarrhythmic, antihypertensive
    • Systemic vasodilation resulting in decreased blood pressure, decreased severity and frequency of angina, reduction in ventricular rate in atrial fibrillation or flutter
  5. Epinephrine
    • Adrenaline
    • Antiasthmatics, bronchodilator, vasopressor
    • Bronchodilation which increases oxygen intake, vasoconstriction increases blood pressure
  6. Furosemide
    • Diuretic
    • Decreases blood pressure by increasing the renal excretion of water, sodium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and calcium by inhibiting the reabsorption of sodium and chloride in the kidney
  7. Metoprolol (Lopressor)
    • Antihypertensive, beta blocker
    • Controls hypertension, acute myocardial infarction, angina and heart failure by decreasing blood pressure
  8. Valsartan
    • Antihypertensive
    • Treats hypertension and heart failure, vasodilation that decreases blood pressure
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Vital Signs Medication List
Vital Signs Medication List