connective tissue pt 1

  1. Connective Tissue
    •  supports, protects and binds other tissues together
    •  has few cells that are widely separated by large amounts of material between the cells
    •  e.g. adipose tissue, cartilage, bone, blood
  2. Connective Tissue Cell types
    • 1. Fibroblast
    • 2. Macrophage
    • 3. Mast cells
    • 4. Blood cells
  3. 1. Fibroblast
     large star shaped cell whose function is to produce intercellular matrix; this matrix is largely the protein collagen
  4. 2. Macrophage
     a phagocyte attached to fibroblasts
  5. 3. Mast cells
     found near blood vessels for the inflammatory response
  6. Loose - connective tissue
  7. Image Upload 1Areolar –
    found beneath the skin; has white collagen and yellow elastic fibers; flexible
  8. Image Upload 2Adipose –
    • this type of connective tissue has very little intercellular matrix. Each cell contains a large drop of fat that pushes the cytoplasm (and nucleus) into a thin band around the outer edge of the cell.
    • This fat is stored as a food source, as insulation, and as a cushion
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connective tissue pt 1
connective tissue pt 1