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  1. what meeting was held to work out the differences over the commercial navigation of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay
    Mount Vernon Conference
  2. what convention was held in Philadelphia in 1787
    Constitutional Convention
  3. what did George Washington do at the Constitutional Convention
    he was the Chairman
  4. what did Benjamin Franklin do at the Convention
    Called for prayer
  5. "Father of the Constitution"
    James Madison
  6. who wrote the final draft of the Constitution
    Gouverneur Morris
  7. What was the forerunner of the written constitution in America
    Mayflower Compact
  8. emphasized the relationship between the king and the colonies
  9. limited to Massachusetts, but put the fear of anarchy into the hearts of many Americans
    Shay's Rebellion
  10. Called for a bicameral legislature with representation in both houses based upon state population
    Virginia Plan
  11. called for a unicameral legislature with all states having equal representation
    New Jersey Plan
  12. bicameral legislature equal representation upper house two seats for each state, lower house based on state population

    combining Virginia and New Jersey Plan
    • Great Compromise
    • or
    • Connecticut Compromise
  13. America's first national constitution
    Articles of Confederation
  14. where was the Constitutional Convention held
  15. supported the adoption of the constitution, wanted stronger union of states and more effective central government
  16. Youngest delegate
    Jonathan Dayton
  17. who called for prayer during the Constitutional Convention
    Benjamin Franklin
  18. practice of drawing district boundaries to favor the party in power
  19. the record of all that is said on the Senate and House floors and role calls on all questions
    Congressional Record
  20. Congressmen are charged no postage on their official mail
    franking privilege
  21. what is a proposed new law
    a bill
  22. what applies to the nation at large
    public bills
  23. what only applies to individual citizens or groups of people
    Private bills
  24. who screens the bills for the one's they like and don't like
    congressional committee
  25. when the representative votes according to his personal judgement rather than the views of his constituency
    trustee (view)
  26. when the representative votes according to the desires of his constituency rather than his personal judgement
    delegate (view)
  27. the congressional monitoring of the bureaucracy to make sure that the laws are being faithfully executed
  28. when a member can get 218 signatures on a petition, h can get his bill out of committee and onto the floor
    discharge petition
  29. an attempt to kill a bill by stalling the vote on it
  30. only effective way to prevent a filibuster
    Cloture Rule
  31. when the entire House sits temporarily as one large committee
    Committee of the Whole
  32. a temporary committee composed of members of both houses for the purpose of working out a compromise
    conference committee
  33. what does the President do when he wants to stop a bill
  34. what clause gives congress the authority to put into operation both the expressed and implied powers granted by the Constitution
    "necessary and proper" clause
  35. who over see's the senate when the vice President is absent
    president pro tempore
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