milestone one

  1. every doubt you have is a
  2. the thing fighting you at this moment is where
    inside of you
  3. once a man starts something can anything stop him
    nothing can stop him
  4. what is this world mainly interested in as far as man is concerned
    all there interested in is controlling him and holding him down
  5. what is the conquest of the physical universe
    knowledge and it application
  6. a person is a mass of what
  7. what causes the inner conflicts
    one side says be, the other side says not be
  8. what four areas of the head or body can you shift over to
    the right side, the center, the left side, and the stomach
  9. where does you true self emanate from
    the middle, your third eye, when its turned on
  10. how do you get up the tone scale
    by knowing
  11. thought is
  12. the thetan can
    animate and control mater energy space and time
  13. life or a thetan is
    beyond the physical universe
  14. what can the mind take a picture of
    the physical universe
  15. if you start to remember yesterday what do you get
    a picture of yesterday
  16. the memory picture is called a
  17. facsimile mean
    physical universe impression on thought, that has a time tag on it
  18. motion is a
    change through space and time
  19. in order to have motion you need
    space and time
  20. what is thought
    a static, potential cause, with unlimited capabilities, which has not wave length space time, it is impinged on the physical universe
  21. what is the mission of thought
    to conquer the physical universe, duration of beingness, flourish and prosper
  22. what does a thetan use to exist
    a MEST body in the MEST universe with MEST energy, obeys MEST laws, ages according to MEST time
  23. the MEST body has a low
    tolerance band
  24. as long as you can handle your memories you could do what
    you could do anything you want with the MEST machine
  25. what two things can cause you not to control your MEST body
    memories that you can't handle, or memories that you don't know about
  26. what can past memories that are not handled do
    they can get out of control, fight you and do something to the MEST machine
  27. how do you let past memories affect the MEST machine
    you did something to get that theat facsimile, or memory, then you put it out of your control, then you let it influence you MEST machine
  28. what can thought and past unhandled memories do
    animate the MEST body,
  29. a person is as sane and he can
    handle his memories, plan for the future, and have no concern for the present
  30. what makes a criminal
    that he lost the belief in himself, convinced that he's debased, and he no good, he lost himself, hurts himself and others
  31. it takes seven years for the body to do what
    renew every cell in the body
  32. the mind and thought are beyond what
    there beyond, matter energy space time
  33. the greatest good for what
    for the greatest number of dynamics
  34. gaining data is one thing but
    gaining experience with data is something else
  35. what's the worst thing someone can do to your body
    kill it
  36. what is failure
    its a gradient scale of death or, little pieces of death
  37. what is success
    little pieces of life
  38. if one is not afraid of death he's not afraid of what
    he's not afraid of failing
  39. if one is not afraid of failing he's not afraid of what
    not afraid of being defeated by life
  40. if one is not afraid of being defeated by life what will happen to the person
    he will win
  41. what's a overt
    when someone acts against you
  42. what's a withhold
    when you don't do something
  43. what a overt motivator sequence
    attack creates motivator in other to attack or one has motivator to attack
  44. i know, i don't know is what
    i know is cause, i don't know is effect
  45. the tone scale has what three bands from top mid and low
    effort low, emotion mid, thought high
  46. how does thought make its effect on the physical universe
    thought effects emotion, then emotion effects effort, effort effects motion
  47. when the mind translates to the brain a decision, what happens
    it goes across the bridge of emotion into effort
  48. how does thought emotion and effort flow
    effort emotion then thought, or thought emotion effort, both ways, a counter effort can create a emotion, then a thought follows
  49. how do you motivate a person into action
    your give them a thought that is capable of restimulating an emotion, which is then capable of putting the effort into action
  50. how do you produce the kind of activities you want from someone
    you give them the kind of thought necessary, to produce the kind of emotion, to produce the kind of work you want, or you give them the kind of effort necessary, to produce the kind of emotion, which will produce the kind of thought
  51. when you got the emotion in the counter effort area what is it called
    mis-emotion, someone is cause your the effect
  52. positive thought and reason creates what
    you get something done
  53. what is a thought for action
    a good reason why something should be done
  54. reasons through emotion will generate what
    constructive effort or motion
  55. force applied with produce mis-emotion that results in what
    destructive effort or actions
  56. what are the reasons to get constructive effort
  57. what's better then having faith
    being faith
  58. why can you secede in anything you do
    because you have infinite time, beingness, and your alive
  59. how can you act on something
    when you turn thought into emotion now you can act
  60. what's another way to get into action
    select a target and get mad at it, and kick it around, you made a enemy
  61. emotion has what purpose
    being the bridge or connector between thought and effort
  62. anger or 1.5 is focused on
    control, to stop slow down or speed up things
  63. can you reason with a angry person 1.5
  64. what two ways can emotional curves go
    either up or down
  65. what is the structure of the physical universe
    matter energy space and time or matter and energy existing in space and time as a static or in motion
  66. what is reason
    thought plus effort
  67. what are you doing when you estimate counter effort
    your worrying
  68. alertness of counter effort to cause harm is
  69. a person on a high tone has what attitude about counter effort
    he's happy about it someone is attacking me and returns it various way like a tennis ball
  70. the only counter effort you have is
    what you have elected as a counter effort
  71. you can identify counter effort as what
    as divine providence, or God's will
  72. how can you attain a goal
    by which effort one elects as counter effort and which counter effort one elects as effort, or what's fighting back at you to keep you away from you goal, and what can you do to fight back at it
  73. constructive criticism does what
    it invalidates his abilities and validates his inabilities, he will cease to exist as a artist
  74. how does one operate in the field of arts
    self determined operating on his own interpretation and concept of his creation
  75. when electing a counter efforts what can one elect
    one can elect everything as a counter effort,  one can elect himself as a counter effort against himself
  76. how does the universe work in reverse
    it's what you want you don't have and what you don't want you got plenty of it
  77. what is a reverse vector
    it when you send the flow back to that thing, so when you want something your inflowing and pushing that thing away from you, when you don't want something your outflowing against it, attracting that thing to you
  78. what is a good attitude regarding inflow and outflow or reverse vector
    it would be nice if that happened, but if it doesn't , i don't care, it doesn't matter
  79. what is a word
    it's a symbolic sound code of the physical universe
  80. what is pain
    it's the impact of effort and counter effort
  81. above emotion you have
  82. below emotion you have
  83. what is the printed word, or a image of something
    it's a symbol code of the physical universe
  84. what is the audio of the spoken word
    it's a symbol sound code of the physical universe
  85. how do you run effort
    by running through a past event where effort was used, feel the resistance and weight of object, that's effort
  86. how do you run out counter effort
    recalling a past event of something impacting you, going against you, resisting you, that's counter effort
  87. how do you run a emotional curve
    by recalling a past event of when you were happy and then something happened, and you felt sad, that's a emotional curve
  88. how can you feel emotion
    by recalling a past time when you felt the spectrum of all the emotions, that's emotion
  89. how do you run a facsimile
    by recalling a picture of the past,
  90. what is blaming
    it's assigning cause
  91. what can swallow up your self determinism
    effort and counter effort
  92. what two things does a person have when in motion
    they have a intention and a postulate
  93. when two people in motion collide into each other with there intention and postulate, what could each on experience
    that would be counter effort, and unconsciousness, which is a upset self determinism
  94. when someone says something or thinks something, writes something, envisions something, what is it
    it a postulate
  95. ones effort or self determinism is directed towards what
    the receipt and expulsion point of the counter effort
  96. what is the sum total of a person
    he's a complete bundle of counter efforts he experienced against his self determinism
  97. every effort you exert has been motivated by what
    a counter effort
  98. what is a overt act
    it's the employment of a counter effort
  99. what is one to do with a counter effort
    he's to use that counter effort to fight back, or if high in tone scale, not affected by it and chooses not to return it back
  100. what is a valence
    it's a identity
  101. how many valences can someone have
    they can have a true valence, and many others
  102. what is acting and what can you steal while watching a show
    acting is stepping into a valence, and express it automatically, watching a show you can steal valences and become whatever valence you imagine, imaginary valences
  103. what is a decision
    its yes and now, one pulls more weight then the other, Benjamin Franklin close
  104. what is a indecisive person
    hung up on a maybe, no action, yes and no are at 50%
  105. when somebody is hung up on a maybe what happens to them
    they loose self confidence, and their self determinism
  106. when you don't confront something what happens
    you end up confronting your imagination about it
  107. can a thetan get sick
    no, how can a spirit being be sick or in pain
  108. if there's thought emotion and effort what else is there
    there's counter thought emotion and effort
  109. when someone gives up what emotion is it
    its apathy
  110. a person that only thinks about the past is what
    he's psychotic, he's stuck in the past
  111. a person that only thinks in the present and not the future is what
    he's neurotic
  112. one who thinks into the future, and plans into the future, and takes action in the present to make it a reality is what
    he's sane
  113. can you recall a time when you made up your mind to do something and what happend
    somebody comes along and changes you mind, or your prime postulate, to be and not to be
  114. because a thetan is impinged to the physical what can happen with counter effort
    the thetan can be impacted by it and feel the effect, even though it is beyond the physical universe
  115. how big is your mind
    it extends all over the physical and spirit universe, it will be as big and you want to influence something, you control it and expand it out to as small or as big as you want
  116. the only thing you can handle is
    what you have expanded your mind out to handle
  117. what is you sphere of influence
    it's infinity, determinism and pan determinism on the eight dynamics
  118. how does you mind expand out
    by means of focused attention and intention
  119. where is theta and what is theta capable of
    it is beyond mater energy space and time or the physical universe, it's capable of recording, animating, motivating, controlling, forming, destroying, conserving, mater energy space and time
  120. what is there regarding truth
    there's a gradient scale of truth, actuality or truth, relative truth, and lies no truth, from with to black
  121. how do you know if data is true
    you put it in action and see the results, theory and practice, you get results you want now you have workable data or true data
  122. what could religion be, and how do ones receive it
    could be a codified mysticism, they receive by memorizing data by rote
  123. what are the three echelons
    first is it, the body and mind, second is the identity, third is why here why happening
  124. arithmetic is only applied to what
    the physical universe
  125. morality is what
    it's a code
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