human communication 55

  1. what is structure and function, illustrate
    a electric fan is structure the electricity is function
  2. what are the mechanics of the physical universe
    matter energy space and time
  3. what is matter
    solidified energy
  4. what is time
    change of position of particles or objects
  5. ability is demonstrated by handling what
    matter energy space and time
  6. what are some abilities of life
    life considers, has opinions, creates, monitors things, has goals and desires, and can experience
  7. what is the thetan
    awareness of awareness
  8. what is the analytical mind
    ones present time consciousness
  9. what is the reactive mind
    it's a stimulus response machine, that has a collection of memory pictures from the past
  10. what are the memory pictures in the reactive mind called
    a facsimile
  11. what three minds are there
    awareness of awareness thetan, analytical present time consciousness, reactive recorded moments of pain and unconsciousness which is other determined
  12. what is the awareness of awareness unit
    its knowingness and makes decisions
  13. what can the outer environment restimulate
    the reactive mind, past memory pictures restimulate then you have dramatization of a engram
  14. what is the essence of time
    motion and change
  15. what isn't a individual
    he isn't his analytical mind, reactive mind, or physical body
  16. what is the person
    he's the awareness of awareness unit
  17. the awareness of awareness unit likes
    mater and space, and various problems to solve
  18. what is one constantly looking at and not looking at
    looking at objects and not looking at space
  19. what is exteriorization
    when a thetan or spirit being disconnects with the body
  20. continuous contact with the physical universe causes one to
    interiorized, to impinged or attached to the physical body
  21. how are psychosomatic ill resolved
    by exteriorization
  22. talents are involved with what
    handling and orientation of the body, from the awareness of awareness unit
  23. what is ability developed from
    the awareness of awareness unit, the thetan, or spirit being
  24. what is the motivation from a moral code
  25. ethical people are
  26. a symbol had what three things
    mass meaning and mobility
  27. what is understanding composed of
    affinity is like, reality is agree, communication interchange of thoughts and ideas
  28. one cannot communicate in the absence of
    affinity and reality
  29. one cannot have reality without
    with out someone to communicate, and someone he has affinity for or likes
  30. one cannot have affinity for someone which
    he has no reality or agreement with, or can't communicate with
  31. what is the fastest way to go out of communication with something
    cease to feel any affinity for it, and refuse to have any reality or agreement to it
  32. communication is
    the interchange of ideas between two points
  33. what is the precise formula for communication
    cause, distance, effect, with intention and attention, and a duplication at the effect point, of what emanates from the cause point
  34. what are the component parts of communication
    consideration, intention, attention, cause, source point, distance, effect, receipt point, duplication, the velocity of the impulse, nothingness or somethingness, a non-communication consists of barriers, barriers consist of space
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