1. finance
    all the activities that involve locating, collecting, packaging, and redistributing captial
  2. consumption
    using up your money by making a final purchase
  3. investment
    a decision not to spend one's capital for immediate consumption, but to put it to work so that it might produce more capital in the future
  4. investor
    an individual or organization that provides the capital to finance enterprise in the expectation that the enterprise will return more capital in the future
  5. financial intermediary
    a business which acts as a go-between, finding, collecting packaging, and redistributing money from those with spare capital who want to put it to use, to those with ideas and ambitions who need captial
  6. loan capital or debt capital
    money that is lent to a business or individual. A loan must be repaid, usually with interest
  7. equity capital
    money that is given to a business in exchange for a share of the ownership and a share of any profits
  8. deposit-taking institution
    any business, like a bank, that accepts deposits of money from its customers
  9. deposit
    to hand over for save-keeping
  10. interest
    the fees paid to the lender of money for the right to use that money until its repaid
  11. return of investment or return
    the benefit or gain which comes to savers of investors from putting their spare capital into a particular investment
  12. net interest
    the difference between the interest that a bank collects from borrowers, and the interest that it pays to depositors
  13. investment dealers
    financial intermediaries that help businesses raise capital by acting as both advisor and agent in the process of becoming a public corporation, and selling shares to the public
  14. agent
    an individual or an organisation that is hired to advise and represent someone else
  15. stockbrokers
    an individual who manages financial investments for clients by researching the financial markets, monitoring clients investments and providing advise about which shares to buy or sell
  16. investment bank
    the name given to the division of a bank that is involved in investment dealing
  17. pension
    money that a person receives after they retire from work, or after they reach retirement age
  18. there are two kinds of pensions in canada
    public pension and private pension
  19. public pension
    a pension fund operated by a government, where contributions are mandated by law and available to all citizens who have contributed
  20. private pension
    a pension scheme offered by an employer, as a part of an employee's package of pay and benefits
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