Week 2 Vocabulary

  1. formidable
    (adj) impressive to the point of causing fear or dread
  2. contention
    (n) struggle, conflict or controversy
  3. trepidation
    (n) fear or aprehension
  4. partisan
    (n) follower or member who is blindly or unreasonably devoted
  5. calumny
    (n) false statement that is meant to hurt someone's reputation
  6. titillated
    (v) excited
  7. notorious
    (adj) well known but in a negative way
  8. prodigious
    (adj) huge
  9. canny
    (adj) careful, clever or caustious
  10. exudes
    (v) to ooze or drip
  11. arbitrate
    (v) to hear both sides of an argument and to make a desision in favor of one side or another
  12. delusion
    (n) false belief or opinion
  13. contiguous
    (adj) touching along or most of one side
  14. iniquity
    (n) wickedness or sin
  15. fathom
    (v) to thoughly understand
  16. faction
    (n) group of people inside a larger group that work against the main body
  17. defamation
    (n) attacking another person's reputation by making statements against him or her
  18. anarchy
    (n) complete absence of goverment
  19. ascertain
    (v) to determine or be certain about
  20. diabolism
    (n) belief in or worship of the devil
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