Introduction to Radiation Protection

  1. Ionizing Radiation
    radiation with sufficient energy to remove electrons from atoms
  2. Radiation Protection
    measures employed by techs to safeguard patients, personnel, and the public from unnecessary exposure
  3. Biologic Effects
    damage to living tissue of animals and humans exposed to radiation
  4. Diagnostic Efficacy
    degree to which the diagnostic study accurately reveals the presence or absence of disease in the patient
  5. Occupational and Nonoccupational Doses
    the upper doses of ionizing radiation for which there is a negligible risk of bodily injury or genetic damage
  6. ALARA
    (as low as reasonably achievable)
    guide lines for x-ray exposure to patients; synonymous with the term Optimization for Radiation Protection (ORP)
  7. Pillars of radiation protection:
    • Time
    • Distance¬†
    • Shielding
  8. BERT (background equivalent radiation time)
    method of comparing the amount of radiation received from a radiologic exam with an example of natural background radiation
  9. ESE (entrance skin exposure)
    the dose of radiation to which the surface of the body is exposed during a radiographic procedure
  10. mSv (millisievert)
    1/1000 of a sievert
  11. Sv (sievert)
    SI unite measure for the radiation quantity, "equivalent dose"
  12. Risk
    the possibility of inducing radiogenic cancer or a genetic defect after irradiation
  13. Standardized Dose Reporting
    the benefit to the referring physician in having direct access to a patient's radiation dose history being the option of knowing whether or not the ordering of an additional radiologic procedure is advisable
  14. TRACE (tools for radiation awareness and community education) Program
    • technologic enhancements, such as:
    • embedded software capable of recording and reporting dose, timely notification of the patient and the referring physician when the radiation does is greater than 3 Gy, and substantial lowering of CT doses through improved technology and alterations to existing protocols
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