Chapter 3 - Value

  1. What is Value?
    An element of art that relates to lightness or darkness of both neutrals (grays) and colors.
  2. What area are the lightest in value?
    Areas facing a light source.
  3. What areas are the darker?
    the areas facing away from a light source
  4. What type of shadows does a single light create?
    A single bright light creates shadows that are sharp and dark-valued
  5. what shadows do a multiple light source create?
    Multiple light sources or indirect lighting produces lighter shadows with softer edges.
  6. Shadows and varying shades of gray can create the illusion of ____ and ____.
    three-dimensional space or volume.
  7. True or false. artists often depict the actual effects of light, but sometimes they choose to alter or invent them. they may wish to emphasize darkness or brightness. the values may not be realistic, but they can strengthen the mood to better suit the artists intended effect
  8. How can value be used to show debth?
    The farther away that objects are from the foreground in a landscape or city scape, usually the lighter they are in value. If an artist uses all light or all dark values, the space within the design may seem shallow, with little or no depth. Note: they could also use darkness, further away to emphasize debth
  9. True or False. Artists often depict the actual effects of light, but sometimes they choose to alter or invent them.
  10. What can you do to help you find the contrasting values in a design and to balance the value contrasts in your own work more effectively?
    first, shut out tiny details by squinting your eyes. Then look only at the larger shapes of similar value. When you do this the elements of dark and light will become move noticeable.
  11. When the artist emphasizes darkness, what mood does he wish to convey?
    a sense of mystery, dark and gloomy days, nighttime, or dim lighting.
  12. When an artist increases the brightness in a design, what mood might he be suggesting. what is this called?
    Happiness, warmth, sunshine, excitement. Emphasizes light values.
  13. What is the image Grand Canyon by H Ronan an example of?
    Shows how objects farthest away from you are usually the lightest in value. Using value to show depth
  14. What does the image Ghost Women of Essaouira by Colleen Browning show
    artist uses the darkest area to be the farthest from the viewer. This is an effect of using value to show depth
  15. How does value emphasize the mood of the of the self portrait of Lawrence Parks
    The dark values surrounds his face and give a sense of darkness of mood or mystery
  16. What is the mood of graphite self portrait of Kent Twitchell
    it uses the contrast of light and dark to form center of interests - this draws your eye to the details of his hair, face and features
  17. When using light values, describe the light and shadows
    Light is bright and the shadows are often dark and clearly defined
  18. What are high-keyed colors
    colors that have been mixed with white. When an artwork has many light-valued colors.
  19. what is another name for high-keyed colors (colors that have been mixed with white)
    pastel colors
  20. How does Muddy Alligators show high keyed colors? Who is the artist
    The whiteness of the colors recreates the glare and heat of strong tropical sunlight. The artist is John Singer Sargent
  21. What does the Still life painting by Giorgio Morandi show
    the artist worked with values that are close to one another. There are neither bright highlights nor dark shadows. The soft colors and subtle changes in value help emphasize a feeling of quiet and peacefulness.
  22. What are dark values used for
    To suggest dark and gloomy days, nighttime, or dim lighting, an artist uses darker values
  23. What does the lack of brightness tell the viewer
    that the source of light- whether it is the sun or artificial lighting - is weak or far away
  24. what feelings or mood can dark values convey
    feelings of cold or sadness
  25. A work that uses mainly dark-valued colors is called what
    Low keyed
  26. What are low keyed colors mixed with
    Low keyed colors have been mixed with black or gray.
  27. Who is the artist of Aurora Borelis and what does it show
    Frederick Edwin Church painted it. It shows the effect of dark values (the low keyed colors perfectly capture the atmosphere of a mysterious nighttime scene)- the artist chose to use little contrast. The only brightness comes from the green and red light in the sky, known as the northern lights. these multi-colored flashings are visible near the earth's poles
  28. What type of art is Louise Nevelson known for
    worked with various materials but most known for wood sculptures such as Sky Cathedral, which she often painted completely black, white or gold.
  29. What did Louise Nevelson say regarding her use of the color black
    "There is no color that will give you this feeling of totality, of peace, of greatness, of quietness, of excitement.
  30. what is value contrast
    when light values are placed next to medium or dark values it creates value contrast.
  31. What does value contrast do?
    This contrast may help viewers distinguish between different parts of a design. It also may make one area of a design stand out.
  32. What is the greatest possible value contrast
    between black and white
  33. What is a center of interest
    a special area to which the artist wishes to draw the viewers attention. It is usually where the artist wishes the viewer to look first, may also contain a designs most important object or figure or other important information
  34. Who is the artist of Study of Eyes Mural. Hint it is a self portrait
    Kent Twitchell
  35. In a light valued design, what will stand out
    a dark shape or line
  36. In a dark valued design, what will stand out
    a light shape or area will become the focus
  37. Who is the Artist of The White Girl of Symphony in white? What is it known for
    the artist is James Abbott McNeill Whistler. Known for the use of contrasting values and center of interest. Your eyes are quickly drawn to the top of the work, where the subjects face is composed of dark features and framed with dark hair. this is the paintings center of interest
  38. Who is the artist of The Newborn child and what is it known for.
    the artist is Georges de La Tour. it is known for the use of contrasting light and center of interest. The entire scene is dark, with a burning candle as the only source of light. The candle itself is hidden, but it highlights the face and right arm of the young woman hold the baby.
  39. what is Georges de La Tour known for
    such bold, candle lit scenes like the Newborn child
  40. What artist said " If you wish to represent a night scene, have a great fire in it, for then the object which is closest to this fire will be most tinged with its colors, because that which is nearest to an object most shares in its nature.
    Leonardo da Vinci
  41. How does the Christ, Deesis mosaic use values
    From a distance, the tiny pieces of color blend together to create a beautifully modeled form
  42. Explain how light affects the value of colors or gray tones
    Without light, we would not be able to see values. Areas of color or tones in direct light are lighter than those on surfaces facing away from the light, which are shadows or darker values.
  43. In Landscapes, where are the darker values usually found?
    The darker values are usually in the forground of the landscapes and lighter values are in the back ground, farthest away
  44. Why did Louise Nevelson paint most of her sculptures a monochromatic black, white or gold?
    to emphasize and give power to forms in her art
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