Chemistry Rotation Exam

  1. Which is the coagulant of choice for blood gas analysis?

    C. lithium heparin
  2. Given the following results, calculate the anion gap on this patient
    Na: 140 mEq/L
    K: 3.8 mEg/l
    Cl: 105 mEq/L
    Bicarbonate: 25 mmol/L
    BUN: 10mg/L
    Glucose: 110 mg/L

    D. 10
  3. Blood ammonia levels are usually measured in order to evaluate:

    D. hepatic coma
  4. Which of the following best represents the reference (normal) range for arterial pH

    A. 7.35-7.45
  5. Which of the following statements may be associated with the activity of insulin

    A. stimulates glycogenesis in the liver
  6. Acute myocardial infarction is more likely when

    B. plaques destabilize and plaque contents are released
  7. Elevation of serum creatine kinase may be associated with all of the following disorders except

    A. bone disease
  8. Creatinine is considered the substance of choice to measure endogenous renal clearance because

    B. it is completely filtered by the glomeruli
  9. As temperature increases, hemoglobin's affinity for oxygen

    C. decreases
  10. Decreased haptoglobin is a sign of

    B. intravascular hemolysis
  11. Lead levels are typically run on

    C. whole blood
  12. Indirect bilirubin may be quantified by reacting it initially with which reagent?

    B. caffeine-sodium benzoate
  13. Which assay using 24-hour urine is considered the best single screening test for pheochromocytoma?

    B. metanephrines
  14. A diabetic in ketoacidosis but no other evidence of disease or impairment has an osmolal gap greater than 10 mOsm/kg. This is because:

    A. the ketones circulating in the blood are responsible for the osmolal gap.
  15. Syndrome of inappropriate ADH is associated with

    C. hyponatremia
  16. Which of the following formulas estimates the VLDL cholesterol?

    B. serum triglycerides divided by 5
  17. In partition chromatography:

    D. solutes are separated on the basis of their polarity
  18. Given a sodium of 120, a glucose of 100 and a urea nitrogen of 10, what is the calculated osmolality of the person's serum

    B. 249
  19. Why is the "loading dose" of a drug different from the "maintenance dose"?

    D. because a high dose is sometimes needed to quickly bring drug levels to within the therapeutic range
  20. Ingestion of the following drug pairs increases their toxicity

    D. ethanol and acetominophen
  21. Urease is used to make ammonia that is reacted with glutamate dehydrogenase to make glutamate and NAD+. This allows the measurement of:

    A. urea
  22. Uric acid is derived from:

    B. catabolism of purines
  23. In cases of hepatocellular carcinoma, which protein synthesized by the liver is often increased?

    D. alpha-fetoprotein
  24. Which westgard multirule applies to a situation where one control point exceeds the mean by + 2 s and a second control point exceeds the mean by - 2s

    A. 2 2s
  25. ALT is used as a

    A. screening test to detect hepatitis
  26. In acute pancreatitis, a significant increase in which enzyme would be used for diagnostic purposes?

    A. lipase
  27. Which of the following conditions with increase total T4 by increasing TBG?

    C. pregnancy
  28. Which of the following techniques is used to identify the immunoglobulin class that is elevated in monoclonal gammopathies?

    C. immunofixation electrophoresis
  29. A urine microalbumin >30 is indicative of increased glomerular membrane permeability and a predictor of kidney failure
    a. true
    b. false
    a. true
  30. Which metabolite is an indicator of metabolic acid-base status?

    C. HCO3
  31. Hyperventilation leads to what type of acid-base status?

    D. respiratory alkalotic
  32. Which of the following statements regarding the clinical use of CK-MB is true?

    B. immunoassays are more sensitive than electrophoretic methods to detect CK-MB
  33. BNP is used as a stand alone indicator if congestive heart failure
    a. true
    b. false
    b. false
  34. Select the hormone that is associated with pituitary adenoma, amennorhea, and infertility in both men and women.

    D. prolactin
  35. Select two of the following methods considered the best methods to assay hormones.
    a. mass spectrometry
    b. immunoassay
    c. HPLC
    d. colorimetic enzyme assay
  36. The presence of only slightly visible hemolysis will significantly increase the serum level of which of the following electrolytes?

    C. potassium
  37. In serum protein electrophoresis, when the sample is placed in an electric field with a buffer of pH of 8.6, all the proteins

    B. have a negative charge
  38. MGUS, monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, is characterized by all of the following except

    A. treatment is recommended to prevent progression to multiple myeloma
  39. IN chemiluminescent tested methods all of the following is true except

    D. chemiluminesence is measured by spectrophotometer
  40. Plasma proteins that increase in the acute phase response include

    D. C-reactive protein, fibrinogen and alpha 1 glycoprotein
  41. Primary and secondary Addison's disease can often be differentiated by plasma ACTH.
    a. true
    b. false
    a. true
  42. Select the best two answers. Troponin I
    a. is an effective early marker for actue MI
    b. is commonly differentiated from Tropinin T using electrophoresis
    c. exceed CK-2 as a sensitive marker of acute MI
    d. is only a late marker of heart disease or acute infarct
    is an effective early marker for acute MI, exceed CK-2 as a sensitive marker of acute MI
  43. Select the primary reagent used in the Jaffe method for creatinine

    B. saturated picric acid and NaOH
  44. If a test is very accurate it will:

    B. consistently give an answer close to the true value for the analyte for a given specimen
  45. Monitoring proficiency testing and competency is part of:

    C. quality assurance
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