Lesson 2

  1. It is one of the disciplines in the social sciences which aims to discover the ways by which the social environment influences people's thought
  2. He was born in Massachusetts, USA; graduated and taught grade school at Oberlin Univ
    George Herbert Mead
  3. Studies at Harvard with his interests in psychology, and philosophy
    George Herbert Mead
  4. Did not publish any book, so his students put together his writings
    George Herbert Mead
  5. It is the approach Mead used to describe the power of environment in shaping human behavior
    Social Behaviorism
  6. He described self as 'dimension of personality that is made up of the individual's self awareness and self-image'
    George Herbert Mead
  7. TRUE or FALSE
    According to Mead, the self can be separated from the society
    FALSE - cannot
  8. 3 stages the person undergoes in the course of development
    • 1) The Preparatory Stage
    • 2) The Play Stage
    • 3) The Game Stage
  9. TRUE or FALSE
    Mead believes that a self did not exist at birth
  10. The self develops overtime, the development is dependent on _____ and ___
    social interaction, and social experience
  11. At this stage, children's behavior are primarily based on imitation
    Preparatory Stage
  12. In preparatory stage, children's behavior are primarily based on _____
  13. In which stage where the children become familiar with symbols as they grow
    Preparatory Stage
  14. As the children grown, they become familiar with ______
  15. This is the bases of communication at preparatory stage
  16. At this stage, skills at knowing and understanding the symbols of communication is important for this constitutes the basis for socialization
    Play Stage
  17. In Play stage, skills at ___ and ___ the symbols of communication is important for this constitutes the basis for _______
    knowing---understanding; socialization
  18. Social relationships are formed in this stage
    Play Stage
  19. Children begin to role play at this stage
    play stage
  20. It is the process of mentally assuming the perspective of another person to see how this person might behave in a given situation
  21. At this stage, the child widens his perspective and realizes that he is not alone
    Play Stage
  22. It is the most significant stage in the development
    Play stage
  23. At this stage, the child is about 8-9 years old
    Game stage
  24. The child begins to consider several task and various type of relationship in this stage
    Game stage
  25. The child now begins to see not only his own perspective but at the same time the perspective of thers around him
    game stage
  26. the child has now the ability to respond
    game stage
  27. In game stage, _____ was used to explain the behavior of the person
    generalized other
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