1. What does PATE stand for?
    Production Analysis Training & Evaluation
  2. What does F.O.R.M stand for?
    • Family
    • Occupation
    • Recreation
    • Mutual Acquaintance
  3. What is F.O.R.M. used for?
    Sales conversation starter
  4. Apathy Statement:
    I can appreciate....(). Since I already have you here, do you mind if I ask you a couple of questions, that way if I can't help you now, maybe I can help you in the future?
  5. Sales assistance card statement
    These cards represent the top 10 reasons why people like you choose to join the Navy, and people like me choose to stay in the Navy.  What I would like you to do is look at these cards and pick one that best describes what you're looking for.
  6. What is a Pressure?
    A stress that caused someone to do something. 

    What circumstance is causing the prospect to consider the Navy?
  7. What is a Plan?
    Something he/she is trying to do to change his/her situation or circumstance
  8. What is selling about?
    Creating values and relationships
  9. What are the 7 steps of the PSVP?
    • Pressure
    • Plan
    • Problem
    • Opportunities
    • Advantages
    • References
    • Unique value
  10. What are the 4 types of discovery questions?
    • Open-ended
    • Close-ended
    • Thought provoking
    • Value focus
  11. What are Wants?
    Something you would like to have
  12. What are Needs?
    Something you need to have.  A desire to improve or accomplish something
  13. What is Decision Criteria?
    Something important to you that drives your choices
  14. What are the 4 types of objections and examples?
    • Apathy - I don't care
    • Doubt - I don't believe
    • Confusion - I don't understand
    • Obstacle - I don't like
  15. What are the 4 parts of PATE?
    • Prospecting Generated
    • Prospecting Summary
    • Prospecting Plan Guidance
    • Other Activity
  16. What are reasons to go to a High School?
    • Generate referrals
    • Produce quality contracts
    • Increase Navy awareness
  17. How far back is your PATE kept?
    Current + 24 months
  18. What are the Navy Opportunities?

    • Brand and reputation
    • Benefits
    • Experience
    • Training
    • Resources
    • Relationships
  19. What does DPR stand for?
    Daily Production Review
  20. How often should DPR be conducted?
    Mimimum once per day
  21. What does L.E.A.D.S. stand for?
    Local Effective Accession Delivery System
  22. What does CIRIMS stand for?
    Command Integrated Recruiting Information Management Support System

    System is retired and incorporated into the PRIDE Mod
  23. When is a Production Inspection held?
    After 2 months of missed goals.  R-Ops may grant a one-time waiver
  24. Who conducts a Production Inspection?
    R-Ops and ACR
  25. What are the volumes of the CRUITMAN?
    • 1. Recruiting operations
    • 2. Eligibility requirements
    • 3. Forms and documents
    • 4. Programs and classification
    • 5. DEP
  26. What are the modes of training?
    • Formal
    • Informal
    • Remedial
    • OJT
    • GMT
    • PQS
    • Physical
    • Indoc
  27. What goes in the Training Jacket?
    • Formal/informal training
    • Remedial training
    • OJT
    • Indoc
    • PQS
    • Graded sales lab (one with LPO every month)
  28. How often is a QNE contacted?
    At least once per month for 6 months, then record is returned from working tickler to correct market segment
  29. When is a Recruiter Evaluation Board conducted and with whom?
    After 2 failed recruiter boards

    With the XO
  30. Basic Recruiter PQS requirement?
    45 days

    If failed, 45 days extra
  31. Advanced Recruiter PQS requirement?
    6 months

    If failed, 90 days extra
  32. When is a Recruiter Development Board held and with whom?
    on 3rd month of production.

    XO, CMC, CR, ACR, Trainer, R-ops
  33. What are the 4 R's when addressing prospect objections?
    • Recognize - determine type of issue by actively listening
    • Relate - empathize and restate what you heard
    • Realize - discover source of issue by asking open and closed discovery questions
    • Respond - address the issue by aligning relevant Navy opportunities with the issue
  34. What are the What, How, and Why of VALOR?
    • What - recruiting roadmap
    • How - prospect engagement skills
    • Why - PSVP
  35. What does PSVP stand for?
    Prospect-Specific Value Proposition
  36. What is PSVP?
    It's a personal, unique, and specific communication focusing on the Prospect's circumstances and then ties the value of the Navy to the Prospect's wants and needs.

    Builds a case for "Why Navy?"
  37. What are the 7 steps of PSVP?
    • Prospect's Pressures
    • Prospect's Plans
    • Prospect's Problems
    • Navy's Opportunities
    • Navy's Advantages
    • Navy's References
    • Navy's Unique Value
  38. PSVP is the ____ of VALOR
  39. Prospect engagement skills are the ___ of VALOR
  40. Recruiting roadmap is the ___ of VALOR
  41. What are the 6 parts of the Recruiting Roadmap?
    Every ACR Wants More

    • Engage the prospect
    • Access the prospect's potential
    • Connect the opportunities for the prospect
    • Reveal the value of the Navy
    • Win the commitment
    • Mentor (DEP)
  42. What does P.O.I.N.T.S. stand for?
    • Purpose
    • Outcomes
    • Intelligence
    • Needs
    • Teams
    • Strategy
  43. How long do you keep the AppLog and Planner history?
    Current month + 12 months
  44. What does RPMS stand for?
    Recruiter Production Management System
  45. What does RPMS consist of?
    • PATE
    • Planner
    • App Log
  46. What are the DEP status board colors?
    • Black - Non NSW/NSO Work Force males
    • Blue - Non NSW/NSO 11s males
    • Red - Non-NSW/NSO Females
    • Green - All NSW/NSO
  47. What is a SOAR binder?
    School Of Area Responsibility binder.

    Combination of zip codes and high schools comprise a SOAR
  48. What's in the High School Folder?
    Current + 2 years market identification started by June 1st
  49. What are the colors of the territorial map stars?
    • Red - NRS
    • Red with R - Reserve center
    • Blue - High school
    • Green - 2 year college
    • Silver - VoTech school
    • Gold - 4 year college
  50. What 6 parts does SMART consist of?
    • Territorial map
    • DOD ASAD
    • Goal recap
    • DEP status board
    • High school folders
    • SOAR binder
  51. What does DOD ASAD stand for?
    Department of Defense All Service Accession Data
  52. What does SMART stand for?
    Station Market Analysis and Review Technique
  53. What 4 reports does STEAM consist of?
    • History - contracts per zip code
    • Quality - mental groups
    • Population - demographics in area
    • Totals - market totals
  54. What does STEAM stand for?
    Standardized Territory Evaluation and Analysis for Management
  55. When should Planners be updated?
    Last working day of the prior week
  56. What do you first click on in Web STEAM?
    Pivot tables
  57. When are the 4 reports of STEAM updated?
  58. When should you print the 4 reports from Web STEAM?
    Beginning of the month (within the 1st week....print date is at the bottom)
  59. What 2 links show in Web STEAM when you click on Pivot Tables?
    • GNC - Gross New Contract (working link)
    • ACC - Accession
  60. What is SMART used for?
    Used to identify where quality market can be found and where target market centers are located
  61. What is STEAM used for?
    Tool used to ensure each NRS has a fair share of the market and goals are fairly assigned based on the market available
  62. How long do you keep an Attrite's DEP record?
    1 year
  63. Where can you get total # of 11s males?
    Totals report (Web STEAM)
  64. Who sets SYTD?
  65. What are the 4 parts on top of DEP board?
    • School Year To Date Will Grad Target (SYTD WG Target)
    • School Year To Date Will Grad Attained (SYTD WG Attained)
    • DEP Accessions
    • Total in DEP
  66. When is LEADS overdue?
    At 30 day mark
  67. Recruiters will be out of the office from time ___ until ___ each day?
    1000 until 1400
  68. How many seniors are in an A, B, and C school?
    • A - 150 and above
    • B - 50-149
    • C - 49 and below
  69. When can you penetrate a B or C school?
    When the station has made goal
  70. Working ticklers shall have no more than how many records on a single day?
  71. What are the 3 markets the Navy has?
    • Primary
    • Workforce
    • Secondary
  72. What does a Primary market consist of?
    17-21 years old.  Applicant is in high school or has finished high school and is attending an accredited post-secondary school
  73. What does the Workforce market consist of?
    17-39 years old.  Population not attending school
  74. What does Secondary market consist of?
    22-39 years old.  Population that is not in high school
  75. What 11 tabs are there on an applicant's record in Rtools?
    • 1 Screen
    • Additional
    • Sales
    • Remarks
    • Blueprint
    • Medical
    • Employment
    • Tests
    • Education
    • Prior Service
    • Feedback (LEADS)
  76. What are the 8 market segments in Rtools?
    • None
    • School
    • Workforce
    • College
    • In Service
    • Inactive
    • Prior Service
    • Female
  77. How soon should a LEAD be contacted within?
    24 hours
  78. Who makes the first contact with a LEAD within 24 hours?
  79. What modes of prospecting should be used to contact a LEAD?
    All of them
  80. What can you click on in Rtools to check for new LEADs?
    "Incomplete" and "No market status"
  81. How long should a LEAD be maintained in a working tickler?
    4 months, until contracted or when disposition renders the LEAD non-workable, whichever comes first (final disposition)
  82. How long after high school graduation are applicant records maintained in Rtools?
    4 years
  83. Why is Blueprinting done?
    To reduce number of unqualified interviews from appointments set
  84. When are evals due?
    • E-9 (Apr 15)
    • E-7/8 (Sep 15)
    • E-6 (Nov 15)
    • E-5 (Mar 15)
    • E-4 (Jun 15)
    • E-1/2/3 (Jul 15)
  85. What does VALOR stand for?
    Value-Oriented Recruiting
  86. What are the 4 steps in VALOR?
    • Engage
    • Assess
    • Reveal
    • Win
  87. What are the 5 prospect engagement skills?
    • Discovery
    • Alignment
    • Positioning
    • Distinction
    • Collaboration
  88. When does the Feedback tab need to be completed?
    Within 30 days
  89. When does a Global Records Change have to be conducted before?
    September 1st every year
  90. What 3 things need to be checked every day in Rtools?
    • No market status = 0
    • Marked for DPR
    • LEADS
  91. When should an LPO check the No Market Status in Rtools?
    Every day
  92. When should the LPO check the Marked For DPR in Rtools?
    Every day
  93. Will "No Market Status" show in Count Records Totals?
  94. When should records in the School Market Segment be converted to the Work Force Market Segment?
    As soon as possible after graduation and no later than September 1, each year
  95. How can a user be added or deleted?
    Through a Footprints Trouble Ticket with SYSAD
  96. What 2 parts does ASAD contain?
    • Accessions (ACC)
    • Gross New Contracts (GNC)
  97. What is the purpose of rapport?
    To get the customer to listen and to like you
  98. What is listening?
  99. What is hearing?
  100. What is a person's plan?
    A goal
  101. What does WIBITY stand for?
    Would It Be Important To You?....
  102. What is source code RP?
    RAP/HARP/Seminar Referral
  103. What is source code RI?
    COI Referral
  104. What is source code RC?
    School counselor referral
  105. What is source code RS?
    Other Service Referral
  106. What is source code PN?
  107. What is source code RL?
    Local LEAD
  108. What is source code OA?
    Online Application
  109. What is source code MO?
  110. What is source code WI?
  111. What is source code PH?
  112. What is source code PD?
    Personally Developed Contact
  113. What is source code SN?
    Social Network
  114. What is source code RD?
    DEP Referral
  115. What is source code RZ?
    Prior Service
  116. What is source code HS?
    High School list
  117. What is source code SS?
    Selective Service registration list
  118. What is source code RT?
    Rtools Name List
  119. What is source code RA?
    Applicant Referral
  120. What is source code AS?
    ASVAB list
  121. What is source code RN?
    National LEAD
  122. What is empathy?
    The ability to perceive what other people are feeling, and the ability to relate with them in their own frame of reference
  123. What is drive?
    Motivational force that makes goal attainment important
  124. What do you need in order to be a good listener?
    Good self-discipline
  125. What is the purpose of prospecting?
    To get face to face with someone who appears to be eligible
  126. There shall never be a day without what?
    Prospecting or selling
  127. What does NCO stand for?
    New Contract Objective
  128. What does RAF stand for?
    Recruiter Assignment Factor
  129. What does RAD stand for?
    Recruiter Assistant Devices
  130. What is a Fulfillment RAD for?
    Used to mail out and not for leaving at schools and other locations
  131. What is a Lead Generating RAD for?
    Left at privately owned businesses to generate leads
  132. What is an Awareness Item RAD for?
    Promotes awareness in community
  133. What is a Transition Item RAD for?
    Given to Future Sailors in preparation for going to MEPS
  134. What is a Sales Closing RAD for?
    Provides useful info in closing a sale to a Future Sailor
  135. What does VEGA stand for?
    Voice, Eye Contact, Gestures, Attitude
  136. What are the 3 parts to shaping attitude?
    Belief, emphasis, sincerity
  137. What does RQAT stand for?
    Recruiter Quality Assurance Team
  138. What series is COMNAVCRUITCOMINST?
    1130.8 series
  139. How long is a MEPS physical good for?
    2 years
  140. What are the Core Competencies of Naval leadership?
    • Mission accomplishment 
    • Leading people
    • Working with people 
    • Resource stewardship
    • Leading change
  141. How many days can a record be in an Rtools working tickler?
  142. What is an SF91 Form used for?
    Accident reporting
  143. What types of DARs are there?
    • Rollin
    • Rollout
    • Reclassification
    • Info
    • DEP discharge (probable)
    • DEP discharge (definite)
    • Courtesy ship
    • Change in DEP status
  144. If an ASVAB score is still current (under 2 years), but was taken in school in 9th or 10th grade, can it be used to DEP-in?

    11th and 12th grade are the only grades that count as an official score
  145. What are the 4 tabs under Global Records Change?
    • Delete records
    • Change Ed code to
    • Change Grad Year to
    • Change Market Status to
  146. What does PRIDE Mod II stand for?
    Personalized Recruiting for Immediate and Delayed Enlistment Modernization (Second generation)
  147. How many days out is the current working tickler?
    5 days
  148. What is used to load correct % of 11S/12L/Male/Female in recruiter working ticklers?
    Enlisted mission requirements on goaling letter
  149. When is the Global records change for high school lists normally conducted?
    June 15 is normally the earliest the change can be started
  150. When the Global records change for high school lists is conducted, what else can be accomplished?
    Transferring of college junior records to the Officer recruiter
  151. How often should a LEAD be contacted?
    • 3 times per day (first week)
    • 1 time per day (second week)
    • 1 time per month (until 4 month mark)
  152. What does MAO stand for and what is their responsibility?
    Marketing Advertising Officer

    -Responsible for driving LEADS
  153. How much money can be spent on a Navy Advertising Event, and with whose approval?
    -Up to $1500 requires MAO approval

    -$1501-$4999 requires CO approval
  154. When does the Will Grad target reset?
    June 1st
  155. What is the ratio used for the Will Grad Target?
  156. How long after consumption of 1 beer is a person allowed to operate a government vehicle?
    8 hours
  157. What is the most important part of RPMS?

    No planner = cardiac arrest in recruiting
  158. What should be brought to DPR?

    Every Thing U Touch
  159. When should DEP meetings be conducted by?
    The 50% gate
  160. When should the station strive to make goal by?
    LPO preference...…..50% or 75% gate
  161. What is a good way to develop a prospecting plan for a new recruiter?

    • Telephone
    • Referrals
    • Advertising (LEADS)
    • Mail Outs
    • PDC
    • Social Networking
  162. What is the purpose of a DEP audit?
    To identify any attrition that may be lingering in the DEP pool
  163. Where can you download a START guide from?

    MPTE website
  164. For an I-551 cardholder, what is the DEP kit name built off of?
    Built off of how the name appears on the I-551 card, vice on the social
  165. What is the purpose of DPR?
    To review production in order to develop an effective prospecting plan
  166. Where can the DEP status board be verified?
  167. What is the NRD Miami exam study policy?
    E5/E6 candidates shall be permitted 1 study day per week for 8 consecutive weeks, or equivalent, commencing the first week in January for the March exam and first week in July for the September exam.

    E7 candidates shall be authorized 1 study day per week for 8 consecutive weeks, or equivalent, commencing in October for the January exam, so as to not interfere with the holiday leave period
  168. What are the CNRC Commander's Philosophy principles?
    • Leadership by example
    • Hard work and Initiative
    • Tenacity
  169. When is a station's market "identified"?
    When WebSTEAM totals are +/- 85 of high school seniors
  170. What are the CNRC recruiting basics?
    • Customer service
    • Initiative
    • Sharp skills
    • Time management
    • Ambassadorship
  171. What are the CNRC Commander's Intent bullets?
    • Purpose
    • Method (Mission oriented, people focused, ready now and in the future, lead by example)
    • End State
  172. What are the 4 phases of leadership?
    • Informing phase
    • Storming phase
    • Conforming phase
    • Performing phase
  173. What are the 3 types of sales?
    • The "Why" sale
    • The "Inspirational" Sale
    • The "Personal Interest" Sale
  174. What does F.I.N.I.S.H. stand for?
    • F- Find someone to educate on the Navy
    • I- Inform about Navy benefits
    • N- Next step. Propose next step to someone
    • I-Interview someone new every day
    • S- Sell.  Use VALOR
    • H- Help (Mentor)
  175. What tests are administered at MEPS?
    • 1. Typing
    • 2. OPI - Oral Proficiency Interview
    • 3. DLAB - Defense Language Aptitude Battery
    • 4. DLPT - Defense Language Proficiency Test
    • 5. NAPT - Navy Advanced Placement Test
    • 6. ASVAB - Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
  176. What is passing score on the DLAB?
    100 or higher
  177. What is passing score on NAPT?
    55 or higher
  178. What is minimum WPM for LN rating on typing test?
    40 WPM
  179. Where is it annotated on 1966 form that a person has taken the DLAB/DLPT, typing, or NAPT test and their score?
    Section 6 Remarks
  180. Is the ASTB test for officer accession administered at MEPS?
  181. What are some types of known activity on a planner?
    • DPR
    • Study time
    • Family plans
    • PT
    • Presentations
    • 72 hour indocs
  182. What 3 things must you have to build a prospecting plan?
    • 1. Goaling letter
    • 2. PATE
    • 3. Planner
  183. What do you do as the LPO if recruiter misses activity?
    • 1. Talk about it
    • 2. OJT
    • 3. Follow up training
  184. What is the preferred Appointments/Interviews percentage on a recruiter's planner for M/T/W?
    • M - 40%
    • T - 40%
    • W - 20%
    • T - Carry over missed activity
  185. What is Category 1 ASVAB category?
    93 or higher
  186. What is Category 2 ASVAB category?
  187. What is Category 3A ASVAB category?
  188. What is Category 3B ASVAB category?
  189. What is Category 4 ASVAB category?
    30 and below
  190. What is the circle of RPMS?
    • Planner feeds the Applog
    • Applog feeds the PATE
    • PATE feeds the Planner
  191. What can you do as the LPO if your station has multiple recruiters and minimal gov vehicles?
    • Check nearby station for a loaner
    • Check HQ for a loaner
  192. Why is Basic Recruiter qualification so important for a new recruiter?
    Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)
  193. What is the purpose of a school folder?
    Shows what tier school it is, gives milestones, population, etc.  Used to achieve milestones and aid in recruiter turnover
  194. What are some things that could cause WebSteam totals to be off?
    • 1. Market status not correct
    • 2. High number of opt-outs
    • 3. School/zip code may not belong to correct station
    • 4. Private schools not required to give lists
  195. How do you check identification of workforce market?
    Total number of 12th grade Seniors x 4
  196. How do you prospect for NSW/NSO?
    • Category 1 & 2 on ASAD
    • AFQT=50 or higher in Rtools
    • Shark Attack form for Dep personnel
    • Give presentations in weight lifting classes and such
    • Check the ASAD for zip codes that Marines are putting in uppers
  197. How do you prospect for NUCs?
    • Category 1 & 2 on ASAD
    • "NF potential" in Rtools
    • AFQT=65 or higher in Rtools
    • Solicit referrals from other NUCs in DEP
    • Give presentations in STEM classes
    • Check with Officer recruiter or NROTC coordinator for applicants that were highly qualified but not accepted
  198. Who is the CNRC Admiral?
    RDML McLane
  199. Who is the CO?
    CDR Rivera
  200. Who is the XO?
    CDR Foster
  201. Who is the CMC?
    CMDCM Smith
  202. Who is R-OPS?
    LCDR Calvo
  203. Who is the CR?
    NCCM Sanders
  204. Who is the ACR?
    NCCS Drake
  205. Who is the Command SAPR?
    LT Wilson
  206. Who is the Command Security Manager?
    LT Beck
  207. Who is the Command Safety Officer?
    HTC Visage
  208. Who is the Command DAPA?
    NCCS Novo
  209. Who is the PAO?
    MCC Gorby
  210. Who is the CMEO?
    MCC Gorby
  211. What does RCAP stand for?
    Recruiting Command Advancement Program
  212. What is the RCAP instruction?
  213. What is a 5305 Form?
    Referral Recognition Program
  214. What is DD Form 368?
    Request for Conditional Release
  215. What is DD Form 369?
    Police Record Check
  216. What is DD Form 370?
    Request for Reference
  217. What is DD Form 372?
    Request for Verification of Birth
  218. What is DD Form 1966/1?
    Application For Enlistment
  219. What is DD Form 2807-2?
    Medical Prescreen Of Medical History Report
  220. What is USMEPCOM Form 680-3A-E?
    Request For Examination
  221. What is NAVCRUIT 1130/104 Form?
    United States Navy Tattoo Screening Certificate
  222. What is NAVCRUIT 1130/120 Form?
    United States Navy Aberrant Behavior Screening Certificate
  223. What is NAVCRUIT 1133/39 Form?
    Waiver Briefing Sheet
  224. What is NAVCRUIT 1133/51 Form?
    Request for Evaluation of Education Credentials, and Foreign Education
  225. What is NAVCRUIT 1133/78 Form?
    Waivers Handwritten Statement
  226. What is NAVCRUIT 1133/85 Form?
    DEP Action Request (DAR)/Potential DEP Problem
  227. What is NAVCRUIT 1133/100 Form?
    Recruiter Enlistment-Reenlistment Check-off Sheet
  228. What is OPNAV 5350/1 Form?
    Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statement of Understanding
  229. What is BUPERSINST 1001.40B?
    CANREC Program
  230. What are the steps if in a Government Vehicle Accident?
    • 1. Ensure nobody is injured
    • 2. Call to report the accident to authorities
    • 3. Contact the CDO
    • 4. Don't admit fault for accident
    • 5. Fill out SF91 Accident Report Form
    • 6. Contact Chain of Command
  231. What is the DPEP program?
    Provides for the enlistment of applicants with civilian acquired training, education, or significant work experience into paygrades E3-E6
  232. What is included in the DEP Tool Kit?
    Step by step procedures for 14 different DEP meetings
  233. When does an applicant need to take a confirmation ASVAB?
    When the applicant scores at least 20 points higher on a re-ASVAB
  234. What information does the DOD ASAD contain?
    Indicates where the new contracts and accessions are being written, all the way down to the zip code and by which branch of service

    It can help with determining what zip codes to assign to recruiters ensuring fair market share and determines the propensity to enlist
  235. Who is the Command Career Counselor?
    NC1 Irizarry
  236. What is the minimum ASVAB score to take the NAPT?
  237. What website can RADs be ordered on?
  238. How many types of RAD orders are there?

    Quarterly and Special
  239. What is Brilliant on the Basics?

    • Sponsorship
    • Assign a mentor
    • Indoctrination
    • Leadership/CDB Boards
    • Ombudsman
    • Recognition
  240. When does urinalysis have to be completed by when checking into recruiting?
    72 hours
  241. When should a new recruiter be assigned a mentor?
    Within 30 days of check in
  242. When should a new recruiter be scheduled to attend command INDOC?
    Within 30 days of check in
  243. When are CDBs performed?
    • Reporting to command
    • 24 months at command
    • CWAY reenlistment purposes
    • Failed advancement exam
  244. When is STEAM updated?
    Daily, Monthly, Quarerly, and Annually

    Only need to update NAVCRUITDIST specific data (territory realignments, goals, personnel changes)
  245. What is the job of the LPO?
    Manage, Maintain, and Motivate recruiters and Future Sailors
  246. What is A-cell market share?
    High school grad with 50 or above AFQT
  247. What does the November MPG specify to load the working tickler to?
    • 40% 12L
    • 60% 11S
  248. Which 2 months are best months to prospect for NATs?
    December and May
  249. What day should attrition be identified by?
    50 gate
  250. How long after DEP in should a 5305 referral form be submitted?
    Within 24 hours
  251. How long can an Rtools record be inactive before purging?
    2 years
  252. How many processing days are there for this month (November)?
  253. When is mission day this month (November)?
    November 27
  254. When are LPO execs completed for a Future Sailor?
    30 day, 7 day, 24 hour
  255. What is the purpose of the DEP program?
    • Maintain future Sailors motivation
    • Mentally and physically prepare future Sailors for recruit training with the objective of reducing attrition
    • Consistently screen future Sailors to ensure they continue to meet enlistment criteria which may affect their ability or eligibility to ship
    • Encourage future Sailors to provide quality referrals
  256. Where does the District get the True Goal from?
  257. Where does the Actual Goal come from?
    Subgoals - known attrition
  258. What does ATB stand for?
    Authority To Buy

    For minors, would be their parents/guardians
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