1. when do you teach the comp plan to someone
    when they recruit 3 or 4 people
  2. what kind of comp play does youngevity have
    unilevel with compression
  3. what does unilevel comp plan encourge
    recruiting wide, leaders
  4. every person that joins youngevity has a
    enroller and sponsor
  5. what never changes when one joins
    the enroller
  6. what amount of time do you have to change the sponsor
    60 days
  7. how many times can you move a person you sponsored
    only once
  8. what bonuses are paid to the enroller
    quick start, fast start, coding, car bonus
  9. what does sponsorship help
    legs, volume, growth
  10. in regards to sponsor placement what is the rule
    if you enroll 2 people i'll place one under you
  11. every item sold at youngevity has what 4 things attached to it
    retail price, wholesale price, BV and QV
  12. how much higher is retail to wholesale
    30% higher
  13. who gets wholesale discount of 30%
    preferred customers, and distributors
  14. what is BV
    its business volume you get paid on
  15. what is QV
    qualifying volume
  16. what is PQV
    personal qualifying volume, which is personal orders or autoship
  17. what is GQV
    group qualifying volume which is your PQV plus all the points on your first 3 levels compressed
  18. how much PQV do you need to for quick start
    100 PQV
  19. what is required to become a one star excutive
    5,400 GQV which includes customers and distributors, 250 PQV, 3 enrolled sales associates with 150 PQV, the 3 sales associated need 3 enrolled distributors each with 50 PQV
  20. what do you get when you reach one star executive
    a $300 car bonus to spend anyway you like
  21. what compresses what dosn't
    volume compresses, not people
  22. how does volume compress up
    when someone doesn't do any volume, volume below that person goes up
  23. what are the 2 ways to get CEO qualified
    a CEO pack, or 500 PQV added up from all the purchases in the business
  24. how many times do you need to be CEO qualified
    only once
  25. what are the benefits of being CEO qualified
    it unlocks certain bonuses, like car bonus and coding bonus
  26. what's the advantage of getting a CEO pack
    you instantly qualified for bonuses, save $25 on business enrollment, what you do others will do, have product to use and share
  27. do you need to be CEO qualified for fast start bonus
  28. what is the fast start bonus
    you make $100 every time you sell a CEO pack, or the one you enrolled buys any number of CEO pack in the future
  29. how do you qualify for quick start
    you need 100 PQV
  30. how does quick start pay
    every week
  31. why get 100 PQV at the beginning of the month
    so you only have to wait 2 weeks to get paid
  32. do you need autoship to qualify for quick start
  33. why is autoship the best thing to have
    because you get free shipping on orders of $99 and over
  34. what is the quick start bonus
    it's 30% of the BV or bonus volume, up to 750 BV on one account for the first 30 days after the enrollment date
  35. who is the quick start bonus paid on
    the distributor and the preferred costumer which is 30%
  36. can you get a quick start bonus on a CEO pack
    yes, CEO pack is 100 BV you get 30% = $30 plus fast start bonus of $100
  37. if you are recruiting customers and distributors what is it wise to do
    start a beginning of the month autoship of 100 PQV to get quick start bonus in 2 weeks and save on shipping, what you do others will do
  38. what is the money rank
    1 star executive
  39. how is the one star executive rank built
    by the brick rank
  40. what is the brick rank
    sales associate
  41. what is a sales associate
    a distributor with 150 PQV and 3 customers or distributors with 50 PQV
  42. the more bricks you build, one distributor that gets 3 people
    the more successful you'll be in youngevity
  43. what is the first leadership rank in the company
    the one star executive
  44. what rank do you start making good money
    the one star executive
  45. what are you really after
    12 self motivated independent team playing leaders the are going to build my company without me
  46. what is the ultimate goal
    12 one star executives
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