1. P blood group
    • IgM, cold reactive Ab
    • Donath-Landsteiner test
    • PCH
  2. ADH
    • AKA AVP
    • Signal from posterior Pituitary to reabsorb water
    • Deficient in Diabetes Insipidous patients
  3. Aldosterone
    • Singnal from the Adrenal cortex
    • increase sodium reabsorption
  4. Renin
    • Produced by the kidneys
    • Response to low BP
    • Promotes angiotensin production
  5. Primidone
    • Anticonvulsant 
    • Phenobarbital metabolite
  6. Protein electrophoresis albumin pneumonic
    Abbie Albumin is attracted to Andy Anode because of his positive attitude
  7. Bands for HIV on western blot
    p24, gp41, gp120, gp160
  8. What is Potassium permanganate?
    Decolorizer in mycobacterium staining
  9. Ziehl Neilsen stain
    • Mycobacterium hot stain
    • Carbol fuschin with methylene blue counterstain
  10. DAT vs IAT
    • DAT= cells coated in vivo
    • IAT= cells coated in vitro
  11. Antibodies that show dosage
    Kidds and Duffy the Monkey eat lots of M&Ns

    Rh, MNSs, Jka/b, Fya/b
  12. Interferences for blood on urine reagent strip
    • Ascorbic acid- false negative
    • bleach- false positive
  13. Initiation of thrombosis
    • Adhesion (Ib -> collagen, vWF required)
    • Aggregation (ADP->shape change->IIa/IIIb)
    • Binds fibrinogen ->platelet plug
  14. Blood donor requirements
    • Weight >110lbs
    • BP <180/100
    • Temp <37.5C
    • Hgb >12.5
    • Hct >38%
    • Age >16

    interval- 8 weeks
  15. What are burr cells associated with?
  16. Lupus anticoagulant
    • directed against phospholipids (X,IX activation), prolongs aPTT
    • see in SLA, malignancies, etc.
  17. Clinitest
    • CuSo4 based method to look for other reducing sugard besides glucose
    • Gluc -, Clin + -> galactose, etc. 
    • Gluc+, Clin+ -> glucose
  18. What do you see monocytosis in
  19. -cytosis
  20. -cytopenia
  21. Clostbusters
    Streptokinase, urokinase, Tissue plasminogen
  22. Se Le vs se LE vs se le
    Le (a-b+), Le (a+b-), Le (a-b-)
  23. What does CO2 electrode measure
  24. T. rubrum vs T. mentagrophytes
    Rubrum=urease neg

    • Rubrum=rub=bald (around hair follicle)
    • Menta=minutes=temp hair loss (in hair shaft)
  25. Cushings syndrome
  26. addison's disease
    decreased coritcal
  27. Heinz Body staining
    • Supravital stain (btilliant cresyl blue)
    • Hgb H bodies
  28. E. Coli vs. aeromonas
    Aeromonas is ox+
  29. ESR
    • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
    • looks for inflammation/infection 
    • measures distance of fall in an hour, increased distance=+

    • increased: tilted tube, increased temp, excess EDTA
    • Decreased: decreased temp
  30. Polycythemia Vera
    Increased RBC mass, decreased plasma, decreased clotting factors. 

    Low levels of erythropoetin
  31. Antibodies destroyed by enzyme treatment
    Duffy, MNss
  32. Antibodies enhanced by enzymes
    Kidd, Rh. Lewis, I, P1
  33. Corrected WBC count
    • WBCs x 100
    • --------------
    • nRBC + 100
  34. Retic count
    • %Retic x Hct
    • ----------------
    •       45
  35. Thromboplastin
    enzyme released from damamged cells that converts prothrombin to thrombin and activates coagulation
  36. Comparing means, insturmental linearity
    Paired T test
  37. Absorbance formula
  38. Dsypnea due to anesthesia
    check Pseudocholinesterase
  39. Sezary Syndrome
    Blood cancer, cutaneous T cell lymphoma
  40. Coumadin Therapy
    • AKA warfarin
    • Inhibits vitamin K
    • Factors II, VII, IX, X
  41. Cholesterol equation
    Total= LDL+HDL+Tg/5

    LDL= Total-HDL-tg/5
  42. Anion Gap
  43. Proteus Vulgaris vs. mirabilis
    Both: gnr, glucose +, nlf, motile, H2S+

    • Indole +: vulgaris
    • Indole -: mirabilis
  44. Hep B immune sequence
    Surface, earth, core, earth, surface

    HBsAg, HBeAg, anti-HBc, Anti-HBe, Anti-HBs

    only get Anti-HBc through infection or if youre a carrier
  45. Blood group with Malarial resistance
    • Duffy- Vivax
    • MNss- falciparum
  46. Syphilis testing
    • Direct flourescent method: FTA-Abs (most sensitive)
    • Reagin testing: VDRL, RPR

    False positives seen with Plasmodium falciparum (Reagin method)
  47. Sensitivy/ specificity equations
    • seNsitivity:  TP/(TP+FN) x 100
    • (N=false negatives lower result)

    • sPecificity: TN/(TN+FP) x 100
    • (P=false positives lower result)
  48. Procanimide
    Cardioactive drug, montior NAPA (metabolite) also
  49. Difference between Howell-Jolly bodies, Basophilic stippling, Papperheimer bodies and Heinz bodies
    • Howell-Jolly: DNA, would be removed by spleen
    • Basophilic Stippling: RNA, ribosome, Lead poisoning/thalassemia
    • Pappenheimier: Iron, confirm with Prussian blue, sideroblastic anemia
    • Heinz: ONly seen with supravital stain, Hgb H bodies, G6PD def/ thalassemia
  50. Malaria ID: vivax, ovale, falciparum, malariae
    • Vivax: RBC enlarged, schuffner's dots
    • Ovale: RBC enlarged, schuffner's dots, fimbriated edges
    • Falciparum: applique form (headphones), crescent shaped, black water fever
    • Malariae: band across cell
  51. Edwardsiella vs. Salmonella
    Both are GNR, Ox-, cat+, motile, nlf, H2S +

    • Salmonella: Indole -
    • Edwardsiella: Indole+
  52. Cat Scratch fever

    P.mult is from dog/cat bites
  53. Walking Pneumonia
    Mycoplasma pneumoniae
  54. P.aeruginosa vs. P. putida
    growth at 42C
  55. What organism require olive oil to grow?
    Microsporum furfur
  56. See stomatocytes think...
    liver disease
  57. What do you use darkfield micsroscopy for?
  58. Direct exclusion
    present in child, absent in mother and father
  59. indirect excludion
    absent in child and mother, present in child
  60. How do HLA antibodies come about
    induced via pregnancy, transfusion, transplantation, etc.
  61. Enzymatic drug modification is a method of resistance in which antimicrobial?
    Aminoglycosides like gentamicin
  62. Ghost cells
    • RBCs in dilute alkaline urine
    • Alkaline is more damaging to the cells membrane, low SG allows for leakage
  63. Hyper/hyposegmented neutrophils
    • hyper: megaloblastic anemia (6 lobes)
    • hypo: pelger huet (2 lobes)
  64. Creatinine clearance
    • U x V
    • ----------
    • P x 1440
  65. How does lipemia effect CBC results?
    Falsely increased Hgb
  66. What is measure by CO2 electrode?
  67. What is special about Lewis Abs?
    They are lipids adsorbed onto RBCs from the plasma, not actually a part of the membrane
  68. Rouleaux
    Not detected in AHG, seen in multiple myelon and Waldenstorm's macroglobunemia.

    remedy with saline replacement
  69. ABO mixed field reaction?
    Think transfusion! Two populations of red cells
  70. If all wells on forward/back typing are reactive...
    think cold aggultinins! Incubate to room temp and see if they are corrected.
  71. How to store CSF when cant be tested immediately
    incubate at 35
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