Pharmacology chapters 11,12 and 13

  1. Which of the following statements regarding herbal products is true
    Herbal products are not subject to the same scrutiny and restrictions as other medicinal products
  2. Prescription medications may create a need for vitamin or mineral supplementation
  3. Pregnant women should increase their intake of vitamin A during pregnancy
  4. Alcoholism is commonly responsible for deficiencies of which vitamins
    All of the above (B1, E, C)
  5. The vitamin that is responsible for regulating the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth is vitamin
    Vitamin D
  6. Side effects of excessive doses of this vitamin cause jaundice in infants
    Vitamin K
  7. Vitamin A is necessary for
    Resistance to infection, night vision, bone and soft tissue growth, and healing of wounds
  8. Fall in the blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias are associated with
    Potassium overdose
  9. The role of antioxidants is
    Inhibition of cellular destruction in damage or aging tissues
  10. Which types of problems may lead to mineral or electrolyte imbalances
    All of the above (Diarrhea, diabetes, diuretic use, excessive prespiration, surgery, fasting, weight reduction diet's)
  11. Side effects of excessive doses of this vitamin cause irritability, lethargy, headache, joint pain, and jaundice
    Vitamin A
  12. Alba has heard that vitamin D deficiency is common and has begun taking high dose supplements. What is a sign of vitamin D overdose
    Heart rhythm abnormalities
  13. Which vitamin is necessary for metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, protein, and amino acids
  14. Symptoms of a deficiency of this vitamin are destruction of RBC's and muscle weakness
    Vitamin E
  15. Retinal, beta carotene
    Vitamin A
  16. Ascorbic acid
    Vitamin C
  17. Tocopherol
    Vitamin E
  18. Phytonadione
    Vitamin K
  19. Cholecalciferol
    Vitamin D
  20. Headache, flushing, and burning sensations of face, neck, and chest and postural hypotension are associated with high doses of
  21. Application of antiseptic medications includes
    Not using on wounds involving more than the superficial layers of skin and rinsing thoroughly after use
  22. At the end of her 1st week in kindergarten, Jenny arrives home with a note that she has head lice, along with several others at the school. What type of agent should Jenny's parents use?
    A pediculicide
  23. Yasmine suffers a second degree burn on her arm in a kitchen accident. The doctor at the emergency room gives her a prescription for silver sulfadiazine cream. What is the action of this cream?
    Infection prevention and treatment
  24. Asher reads the label on the cream he is using to treat his itchy rash and notices that it contains benzocaine. What is the action of benzocaine?
    It is a local anesthetic
  25. Control conditions caused by fungi
  26. Relieve itching
  27. Substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria
  28. Treat viral conditions
  29. Substance used to treat dermatological disorders associated with allergic reactions
  30. What is true of mupirocin ointment?
    All of the above (it is used to treat Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococci, it is used to reduce outbreaks of institutional MRSA, and it may be given intranasally)
  31. Common side effects of antipruritics include
    All of the above (sedation, agitation,hypersensitivity reactions)
  32. Side effects associated with keratolytics include
  33. Application of topical burn medications includes
    Using aseptic technique and keeping the area covered at all times
  34. A common side effect of corticosteroids is
    Skin tears and/or bruising
  35. Special consideration for use of topical application of burn medications include
    Using a gloved hand for application
  36. Kill bacteria
  37. Protect or soothe minor dermatological conditions
  38. Promote removal of necrotic tissue
  39. Loosen epithelial scales
  40. Protect or soothe minor dermatological conditions
  41. Over use or extended use of antibacterial agents can lead to
  42. Which statement by your patient indicates a need for further education?
    If I have any side effects, I am to keep taking the medication for 2 more days, to see if it gets worse before I call the clinic
  43. Preparations that are used on the skin to inhibit the growth of bacteria are called
  44. Caladryl
  45. Desitin
    Emollients and protectants
  46. Clearasil
  47. Chlorhexidine
  48. Povidone-iodine
  49. Camryn has had dozens of mosquito bites this summer. She is trying an antihistamine cream in large quantities this week and finds that she rarely itches at all. Said she be concerned about this use?
    Yes, prolonged use of topical antihistamines can cause hypersensitivity reactions
  50. The actions of adrenergic blockers include
    Decreased blood pressure and pulse
  51. Following a serious automobile accident, Salvador arrived at the hospital in shock. What type of drug would he most likely be given?
  52. Side effects of cholinergics include the following except
    Tachycardia and hypertension
  53. Leslie takes medication for hypertension. What category of medication has he likely been perscribed?
  54. What medication is a cholinergic?
  55. Which is of the following a beta-blocker?
  56. Neostigmine
  57. Propanolol
    Adrenergic blocker
  58. Atropine
    Cholinergic blocker
  59. Epinephrine
  60. Scopolamine
    Cholinergic blocker
  61. Adrenergics may be used to
    Restore cardiac rhythm, treat hypotension, and dilate bronchioles in respiratory distress
  62. The definition of an adrenergic blocker is a drug that
    Blocks the action of the sympathetic nervous system
  63. Isabella carries an epi-pen at all times. She most likely carries it because she has
    Severe allergies that may cause anaphylaxis
  64. Side effects of cholinergic blockers may include
    Dry mouth, urinary retention, constipation, blurred vision, confusion, and tachycardia
  65. The definition of an adrenergic is a drug that
    Mimics the action of the sympathetic nervous system
  66. The definition of a cholinergic is a drug that
    Mimics the action of the parasympathetic nervous system
  67. Adrenergic blockers are indicated for
    Treatment of hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia and angina pectoris
  68. Elle is given medication prior to surgery to dry up her secretions. This drug is likely to be an
  69. Peripheral vasoconstriction
  70. Increasing blood pressure
  71. Bronchodilation
  72. Cardiac stimulation
  73. Bronchiole dilation
  74. Pilocarpine
  75. Dopamine
  76. Sympathomimetics
  77. Parasympathomimetics
  78. Beta-blockers
    Adrenergic blocker
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