1. As sami
    The hearer of all
  2. Al basir
    The seer of all
  3. Al hakam
    The judge
  4. Al 'adl
    The just
  5. Al latif
    The subtle one
  6. Al khabir
    The all aware
  7. The halim
    The most kind and gentle; most serene; most calm abiding
  8. Al 'azim
    The magnificent
  9. Al ghafur
    The forgive and hider of faults
  10. Ash shakur
    The rewarder of thankfulness
  11. Al 'ali
    The highest; (the one who is above all and exceeds others)
  12. Al kabir
    The greatest (the one who's greatness is beyond measure)
  13. Al hafiz
    The preserver; the protector; the guardian
  14. Al muqit
    The nourisher
  15. Al hasib
    The accounter (the one who is the measurer and accountant of every deed)
  16. Al jalil
    The mighty; independent; (greatness and majesty are immeasurable and cannot be comprehended by senses. It is indicated by the things He created)
  17. Al karim
    The generous
  18. Ar raqib
    The watchful one
  19. Al mujib
    The responder to prayer
  20. Al wasi'
    The all comprehending
  21. Al hakim
    The perfectly wise
  22. Al wadud
    The loving one
  23. Al majid
    The majestic one (the one who is glorious, dignified, majestic, bountiful and exceedingly generous)
  24. Al ba'ith
    The resurrector
  25. Ash shahid
    The witness (observes everything in his creations).
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