1. Ar rahman
    The all merciful
  2. Ar rahim
    Most compassionate
  3. Al malik
    The absolute ruler
  4. Al quddus
    The pure one
  5. As salam
    The source of peace
  6. Al mumin
    The inspire of faith
  7. Al muhaymin
    The guardian
  8. Al 'aziz
    The victorious
  9. Al jabbar
    The restorer; repairer
  10. Al mutakabbir
    The greatest
  11. Al khaliq
    The creator
  12. Al bari
    The maker of order
  13. Al musawwir
    The shape of beauty
  14. Al ghaffar
    The forgiving
  15. Al qahhar
    The subduer/conquerer
  16. Al wahhab
    The giver of all
  17. Ar razzaq
    The sustainer (provides sustenance)
  18. Al fattah
    The opener (opens the truth)
  19. Al 'alim
    The knower of all
  20. Al qabid
    The withholder; restrainer; constrictor (to make something scarce)
  21. Al basit
    The reliever
  22. Al khafid
    The humbler (the one who chooses the ones to be humbled, softened, made gentle)
  23. Ar rafi'
    The uplifter. (The one whose wisdom chooses the ones to be uplifted)
  24. Al mu'izz
    The bestower of honors
  25. Al muthill
    The humiliator
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