1. On the run
    Fleeing or running from the police
  2. Run with
    To fallow something
  3. Gift of the gab
    The ability to talk readily
  4. Called in
    To summon
  5. Called for
    To demand
  6. Called over
    To recite in order
  7. Called upon
    To pray
  8. Called at
    To visit
  9. Keep up appearance
    Maintain outward show
  10. Have finger in every pie
    Meddle in every affair
  11. Burn his fingers
    Get himself in trouble
  12. Cut his teeth
    Gain experience
  13. To reinvent the wheel
    Waste a great deal of time or effort in creating something, that already exists
  14. Have the floor
    Speaking in a debate or discussion
  15. Talk through his hat
    Talk foolishly
  16. Make ducks and drakes
    Handle recklessly
  17. Put his foot down
  18. Rule the roost
    Have authority over people
  19. Pulls a long face
  20. Has turned the point
    Pass a critical point
  21. Rock the boat
    Do something to disturb an existing situation
  22. Clinched the issue
    Clear the controversy
  23. Rides a high horse
    Put on air or the manner of superiority
  24. Come to hand
    Received or arrive
  25. Hands down
    Indisputably or Incontestably
  26. Hand down
    To deliver or to bequeath to posterity
  27. For the life of one
    As hard as one tries, even with the utmost effort
  28. Makeover
    To give a different appearance
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