1. Miserable
    In the state of misery, very bad, very sad, ill or poor, shocaniya, sankatakara
  2. Elude
    To evade or escape from someone or something, kaitappida, jariko
  3. Emigrate
    To leave the country in which one lives, valase hogu,
  4. Novice
    A beginner, one who is not very familiar or experienced, ananubhavi
  5. Meek
    Humble, modest, soumya
  6. Censure
    The act or condemning, criticizing as wrong, khandane, dhushane
  7. Disparage
    To degrade, to dishonor, apakirthi taru, heegaleyuvudu
  8. Accost
    To approach, to speak to first, modalu matanadu
  9. Retract
    To pull back inside, to draw back, to draw up, to take back or withdraw, hintegedukollu
  10. Commissioned
  11. Accredit
    Adhikara kodu
  12. Erratic
    Unsteady, random, aniyamita
  13. Expediency
    The quality of being simple, easy, quick, convenient
  14. Poignant
    Sharp pointed, inclusive, penetrating, katuvada,
  15. Adversely
    In adverse manner, unfavorable, antagonistic, acting against, pratikula
  16. Refrain
    To hold back, to restrain someone or something, nigrahisu
  17. Curtail
    To cut short the tail of a animal, to shorten or abridge the duration of something, motakugolisu
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