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  1. eradicate
    to destroy, often at the very core of something; to eliminate completely
  2. errant
    moving away or straying from what is expected or considered the norm
  3. erratic
    uneven; having no set or fixed course, either in direction or behavior
  4. erudite
    having great knowledge and intelligence; well spoken and knowledgable
  5. eschew
    to deliberately avoid using; to reject the use of
  6. espy
    to notice; catch sight of; most commonly used in poetry
  7. eulogy
    a speech praising another person, traditionally one who has just died
  8. euphemism
    a mild, inoffensive term for something that might be considered rude, inappropriate or vulgar
  9. euphonious
    pleasing to the ear; nice to listen to
  10. evince
    to show clearly; to reveal; to put out in the open
  11. evoke
    to call or bring forth; to bring to mind or remind
  12. exalt
    to praise someone or something; to hold someone or something in high regard
  13. exasperation
    intense annoyance or irritation
  14. exhaustive
    practically complete; including nearly all elements or aspects; thorough
  15. exigent
    demanding immediate attention, usually referring to an emergency or dangerous situation
  16. exorbitant
    unreasonably high, generally regress to prices or financial cost
  17. expatiate
    to be long-winded; to speak or write at length on a topic
  18. expedient
    practical as a way to meet one's own needs; serving one's own self-interest
  19. expedite
    to make something happen faster than usual; to rush or hurry
  20. expiate
    to write a wrong; to make up for an intentional error; to cancel out
  21. explicate
    to analyze an idea or written work in order to understand it clearly
  22. expostulate
    to express strong disagreement with the goal of changing another person's mind or attitude
  23. expropriate
    to take away from the rightful owner, usually an action performed by a government
  24. extant
    still in existence; not lost or destroyed, usually refers to a document
  25. extemporaneous
    performed or spoken with little or no preparation; done without notes
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