Chap46N Renal failure

  1. Investigations send for assessing renal failure? *
  2. Indications for initiation of dialysis?
    • Volume overload
    • Severe hyperkalemia
    • Severe metabolic acidosis
    • Pericarditis
    • Selected poisonings, and
    • Uremic symptomatology
  3. Stages of CKD?
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  4. fd
    • Patients who are to receive IV contrast and are at risk for renal failure should be given IV hydration with saline before the use of nonionic IV contrast.
    • CKD is defined as a GFR less than 60 mL/min.
    • The presence of albumen in the urine of patients with chronic renal failure is an
    • important predictor of the rate of decline in renal function. 
    • A low fractional excretion of sodium (or renal failure index) may be associated with either prerenal azotemia or acute glomerulonephritis.
  5. Investigations for CKD?*
    • iPTH 
    • Vitamin D 
    • Calcium 
    • Phosphate 
    • Albumin 
    • Iron 
    • PBS 
    • Uric acid
  6. Contrast CT in Renal failure?*
    • Tab Nacfil 1200mg BD one day before and one day after surgery 
    • Adequate hydration after hydration
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