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  1. elated
    joyous; extremely happy (adjective) or to make joyous or extremely happy (verb)
  2. elegy
    a poem or song written in honor of someone who has died
  3. elicit
    to draw out, usually a response from a person
  4. elusive
    difficult to find, discover, or capture; just out of reach; unable to be grasped
  5. emaciate
    make abnormally thin, usually due to starvation or illness
  6. embellish
    to decorate with ornamentation; to add to; to make more colorful or decorative
  7. emblazon
    to display obviously; to put something somewhere it cannot be missed
  8. emend
    to alter or edit with the intent to improve
  9. emollient
    any substance that softens or soothes the skin
  10. empathy
    the ability to identify, understand, and share the feelings of another
  11. empirical
    based on verifiable facts rather than theory; fact based
  12. encomium
    a formal speech or statement in praise of someone
  13. encumbrance
    a burden; something that makes another thing more difficult
  14. engender
    to cause, usually a feeling to bring into existence
  15. enigma
    a puzzle or mystery, usually a person; someone that is difficult to understand
  16. ennui
    boredom; lack of interest, usually caused by having nothing to occupy one's time or thoughts
  17. entreat
    to ask earnestly; to request wholeheartedly; to plead
  18. ephemeral
    short-lived or temporary; passing quickly
  19. epithet
    phrase used to describe a person, often a nickname picked up by the general population
  20. equable
    not easily disturbed or agitated; free from extreme emotional highs and lows
  21. equine
    having to do with horses; relating to horses
  22. equitable
    even, equal, or fair
  23. equivocal
    uncertain; having more than one interpretation, often intentionally in order to mislead
  24. equivocate
    to intentionally use language that may deceive or be open to more than one interpretation
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