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  1. Amended to create a public records exemption for identifying information of the alleged victim contained in state agency investigations of employee sexual harassment
    119.071-Public Records/Victim of alleged Sexual harassment/identifying information
  2. Amended to designate "criminal intelligence or investigative information that reveals the personal identifying information of a witness to a murder" as confidential and exempt from the disclosure requirements under the public records law. The confidential and exempt status of these records applies for a two year period following the commission of the murder observed by the witness. however a state agency may disclose these records for certain law enforcement purposes.
    119.01,119.071, and 119.0714-Public records/Identity of witness to Murder
  3. Amended to permit a law enforcement officer using a BWC to review the recorded footage from the BWC upon his or her own intiative or request before writing a report or providing a statement regarding any event arising within the scope of his or her duties.
    943.1718-Law Enforcement Body Cams
  4. Creates an exemption from the public records requirements for petitions for involuntary assessment and stabilization court orders related records and personal identifying information regarding substance abuse impaired persons. However pleadings and other documents made confidential and exempt by this section may be disclosed by the clerk of court upon request to certain and exempt by this section may be disclosed by the clerk of court upon request to certain individuals and agencies. this exemption applies to all documents filed with a court before onĀ  or after July 1, 2017.
    397.6760-Public Records/Substance Abuse Impaired Persons
  5. Amended to exempt Ioflupane 123 from " Schedule II" status. Ioflupane I 123 is a radiopharmaceutical used in the diagnosis of parkinsonian syndromes.
    893.03 893.015-Florida Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control
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Legal Guide Lines
Legal Guide Lines