Medicare Supplement Plmns

  1. Which is not a standardized Medicare sup plan?
    High Option Plan A
  2. What Med Supp plan covers excess charges associated with Medicare Part B?
    Plans F and G.
  3. Which plan covers RX drugs?
    None of them do. 
  4. Med Supp Plan N is the only plan that has what?
  5. What two Med Supp plans cover the Part B Deductible?
    C and F.
  6. After 2020 due to MACRA Legislation, which two plans will no longer be available to new beneficiaries?
    C and F.
  7. With a Med Supp Plan you can see any doctor that accepts Medicare?
  8. The only difference between Plan F and Plan G is coverage for _____________?
    Part B Deductible.
  9. Which Med Supp Plan is the most popular?
    Plan F.
  10. Which plan has historically had lower rate increases compared to other plans?
    Plan N.
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