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  1. disheveled
    messy or untidy, usually used in describing physical appearance
  2. disinclination
    reluctance or unwillingness to do something
  3. disparate
    essentially different or dissimilar; not easy or even impossible to compare
  4. disputation
    formal debate or argument, often on an academic level
  5. disquiet
    a feeling of anxiety, worry, or unrest
  6. dissemble
    to create or hide behind a fake appearance, attitude, or personality
  7. dissent
    to disagree, usually with a formal or official statement
  8. dissolution
    the ending of an official organization or body; the breaking up of an established group
  9. distend
    to cause swelling or expansion from the inside
  10. divergent
    dividing off from a common point; moving in different directions form a single starting point
  11. divest
    to deprive, usually the power or rights of another person
  12. dubious
    uncertain; causing doubt; questionable
  13. dupe
    to deceive or trick someone (verb) or a person who has been deceived or tricked; someone easily fooled (noun)
  14. duplicity
    a state of being two-faced or deliberately deceptive
  15. earthenware
    pottery made from a specific, porous clay
  16. eclectic
    drawing from or combining elements from many places or situations; multifaceted
  17. edacious
    voracious; greedy for; devouring
  18. educe
    to bring out or draw out; to coax
  19. efface
    to erase or rub out
  20. effervesce
    to bubble up; emit small bubbles
  21. effete
    worn out; out of date; lacking effectiveness; or overly refined, pretentious; characterized by affections
  22. efficacy
    effectiveness; the ability to create the desired effect
  23. effulgence
    bright and radiant; glowing
  24. egress
    the exit; the path out
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