1. physical properties
    • colorless
    • pleasant to smell can be used as alternative to sevo for induction in children
  2. how is it stored
    in amber colored bottles and contain thymol 0.01 % as preservatives that prevent decomposition by light
  3. other properties
    • non inmflammable and non explosives
    • boiling points¬† degree
    • highest fat/blood coeff.
    • in presence of moisture corrodes metals plastic of vaporisers
    • significantly absorbed by rubber tubing
  4. anesthetic properties
    • MAC: 0.74 most potent in used
    • B/G coeff: 2.24 sloest induction and recovery¬†
    • not good analgesic
  5. metabolism
    by oxidation and reduction
  6. metabolic products
    • Trifluoroacetic acid
    • chloride
    • bromide
    • fluoride uder anaerobic conditions
  7. Cardiovascular systems
    • decreases CO
    • blunts baroreceptor response
    • vasodilation by direct axn on smooth muscle of blood vessels and by central sympathetic tone decrease
    • sensitizes heart to exogeneous adrenaline so c/i in pheochromocytoma
    • not used in cardiac patient
  8. respiratory effects
    • depresses respiration
    • blunts hyperbaric and hypoxic reflexes
    • despite bronchodilator effect avoided in asthmatics for its sensitizing effects on myocardium as it increases possibility of arrhythmia in patient on B agonist and aminophylline
  9. CNS
    increases ICT
  10. Renal
    decreases gfr and urinary flow
  11. uterus
    uterine relaxation
  12. Thermoregulation
    postop shivering and hypothermia maximum with halothane
  13. liver:
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