Wk 10: Chronic illness

  1. Chronic diseases
    • Generally considered those lasting 3+ months
    • In general, they are not prevented by vaccines
    • Are not 'naturally' recovered from
    • Many are progressive with no real 'cure' so may last a lifetime.
    • Most are non communicable (not caused by infectious agents)
  2. Responses to major stress
    • 'onset' of health events
    • 4 trajectories of depression after onset
    • Emergent depressions: were fine before then depressed after diagnoses (12%)
    • Resilient: fine and stayed fine (64%)
    • Chronic depression went down
    • Depressed: improved

    Multiple health conditions: vulnerable group is bigger
  3. Depression and anxiety
    Based on large metanalysis, in palliative-care settings prevalence estimated at
  4. Study on breast cancer
    • 55% resilient
    • 23% not great when diagnosed but then got better
    • 19.5% not good quality of life and maintained that
    • Last group 2% low and then got very low
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Wk 10: Chronic illness
Wk 10: Chronic illness