ism code

  1. what is ism code?
    an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and for pollution prevention.
  2. give at least 3 objectives of the ism code
    • 1. to ensure safety at sea.
    • 2. to prevent injury or loss of life.
    • 3. to avoid damage to the environment, particularly the marine environment.
  3. what do you call the person responsible to monitor the safety and pollution prevention aspects of the operation of each ship and to ensure that adequate resources are given? Who is this person in the AESM fleet?
    designated person ashore DPA ... fernando cali... capt daft
  4. who is responsible:
    a) To implement the safety management system on board?
    b) To motivate the crew in the observance of that policy?
    c)  To verify that the crew are following the requirements of the system in a day to day operation?
    d) To review the system if it is most effective?
  5. describe or define critical operations?
    any operation which have a significant risk of causing major injuries or illness to people, or damage to the ship, cargo, other property and/ or the environment.
  6. give at least 3 examples of critical operations.
    • 1. oil transfer or bunkering operations.
    • 2. procedures when navigating in restricted visibility.
    • 3. arrival/ departure port
  7. What are the requirements prior to performing critical operations?
    Use of checklist and to follow proper operational procedures.
  8. What permit system you are going to use when performing the following critical operations or hazardous conditions?
    1. When entering an enclosed space.
    2. When performing welding works or when using the acetylene torch equipment.
    • 1. Enclosed space entry permit.
    • 2. Hotwork permit
  9. When an accident or a near miss has occured, what is the responsibility of the safety committee?
    • 1. To investigate the incident.
    • 2. To report the incident to the company.
    • 3. To take corrective action.
  10. The code requires that the company should establish procedures to ensure that the ship is maintained in conformity with the provisions of the relevant rules and regulations. What procedures have established as explained in the shipboard manual (Maintenance)?
    to develop planned maintenance system
  11. What should be done with obsolete documents?
    obsolete documents should be removed from files and destroyed.
  12. Give at least 5 kinds of controlled documents kept on board ship?
    • 1. Ship's certificates.
    • 2. Records of surveys.
    • 3. Ship's plans and drawings/
    • 4. Navigation charts and publications
    • 5. (sms) shipboarc manuals.
  13. How often would you conduct safety meeting on board?
    once a month
  14. When a company complies with the requirements of the ISM code.
    a) What kind of certificate would be issued to that company by the administration?
    b) What is the validity of this certificate?
    c) In order to maintain the validity of this certificate, how often is the verification done?
    • a. document of compliance (DOC)
    • b. 5 years
    • c. annually (+/- 3months)
  15. when a vessel compies with the company's safety management system(SMS)?
    a. What kind of certificate would be issued to that vessel?
    b. What is the validity of this certificate?
    c. In order to maintain the validity of this certificate, how often is the verification done?
    • a. safety management system (S.M.C.)
    • b. 5 years¬†
    • c. Intermediate verification (every two and a half years)
  16. when will be the deadline for implementation of the ISM code?
    a. For passenger ships, tankers, gas carriers, and bulk carriers ?
    b. for all other ships?
    • a. 1 july 1998
    • b. 1 july 2002
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