4 summaries sections 46-60

  1. 46
    • 1–2, Elders are to conduct meetings as guided by the Holy Spirit;
    • 3–6, Truth seekers should not be excluded from sacramental services;
    • 7–12, Ask of God and seek the gifts of the Spirit;
    • 13–26, An enumeration of some of these gifts is given;
    • 27–33, Church leaders are given power to discern the gifts of the Spirit.
  2. 47
    1–4, John Whitmer is designated to keep the history of the Church and to write for the Prophet
  3. 48
    • 1–3, The Saints in Ohio are to share their lands with their brethren;
    • 4–6, The Saints are to purchase lands, build a city, and follow the counsel of their presiding officers
  4. 49
    • 1–7, The day and hour of Christ’s coming will remain unknown until He comes;
    • 8–14, Men must repent, believe the gospel, and obey the ordinances to gain salvation;
    • 15–16, Marriage is ordained of God;
    • 17–21, The eating of meat is approved;
    • 22–28, Zion will flourish and the Lamanites blossom as the rose before the Second Coming
  5. 50
    • 1–5, Many false spirits are abroad in the earth;
    • 6–9, Wo unto the hypocrites and those who are cut off from the Church;
    • 10–14, Elders are to preach the gospel by the Spirit;
    • 15–22, Both preachers and hearers need to be enlightened by the Spirit;
    • 23–25, That which doth not edify is not of God;
    • 26–28, The faithful are possessors of all things;
    • 29–36, The prayers of the purified are answered;
    • 37–46, Christ is the Good Shepherd and the Stone of Israel
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4 summaries sections 46-60