The five characters formula

  1. Mind tranquil
    You must be mindful all the time; whenever you change your movement, there your mind is.  Experience that there is no obstruction.
  2. Body agile
    Your chi flow is like a wheel; every part of your body must be well coordinated.
  3. Energy full
    The purpose is to cultivate energy so that it flows in the spine, and to attain breath harmony so that every part of the body is connected.  Use will, not brute strength, to lead energy.
  4. Force complete
    When executing force, there must be a source.  Force starts from the heel, controlled by the waist, materialized at the hand, and executed from the spine, with full mindfulness.
  5. Spirit focused
    Focusing spirit can lead to abundant energy, mental freshness, coordinated movement, and the ability to differentiate from 'apparent' and solid.'
Card Set
The five characters formula
A description of the five characters formula as defined by Wong Kiew Kit.