1. Amidst
    In the middle, among, amongst
  2. Stringent
    • Syn: Strict, Hard, tight, Constrict, Kattunittada
    • Antn: Flexible, loose, relaxed
  3. Allegedly
    • Syn: According to someone's allegations, Accused but not proven yet, Aapadisida, Helalada
    • Antn: Deny
  4. Stalking
    Syn: The crime of fallowing, chase, hunt
  5. Obstruct
    • Syn: To block or fill with obstacles, to slow, to make difficult to see, tade, addagattu
    • Antn: Aid, assist, facilitate, help
  6. Gesticulate
    Syn: To make gestures when speaking, to move your hands and arms when speaking in an angry or emotional way
  7. Lewd
    • Syn: Vulgar, Uneducated, filthy, nasty, neecha, kamuka
    • Antn: clean, decent, wholesome
  8. Severe
    • Syn: Strict in judgement, very bad, harsh, teevra, kathora
    • Antn: Gentle
  9. Dent
    • Syn: A deformation produced on the surface of the object, a sudden negative change, diminish, reduce
    • Antn: amplify, augment, raise
  10. Accused
    Syn: Criminal, culprit, one charged with an offense, aaropa, aparadhi
  11. Victim
    Syn: a person who has been robbed, injured, attacked or killed by someone else
  12. Acute
    • Syn: quick, sensitive, having or showing the ability to think clearly, ending in a sharp point
    • Antn: Noncritical, Nonurgent
  13. Abundant
    • Syn: Existing or occuring in large amount, Heralavada, fully sufficient, plentiful, ample
    • Antn: bare, minimal, scant, spare
  14. Urged
    Syn: To provoke, to ask people to do something, encourage, press, push, nudge
  15. Decisively
    • Syn: Very clear or obvious, Exactly, definitely, having the power or quality of deciding a question or controversy, putting an end to contest
    • Antn: Indecisive
  16. Impeach
    Syn: To charge with a crime done while in office, to cause doubts about the truthfulness, shankisu, anumanisu, sandehisu
  17. Diligence
    Syn: combination of carefulness and long-term effort, working hard, parishrama, Shraddhe
  18. Upsurge
    • Syn: A sudden strong rise or flow, increment, escalation, yerike, abhivruddhi
    • Antn: decrease
  19. Sustain
    Syn: To maintain or keep in existence, ulisikollu,
  20. Formidable
    • Syn: causing fear, dread, admiration as a result of size, strength etc, causing wonder or astonishment, difficult to defeat or overcome, digilu huttisuva, gabari golisuva
    • Antn: insignificant
  21. Inevitably or Inevitable
    • Syn: In a manner that is impossible to avoid or prevent, as usual, predictably, as expected, anivaryavagi
    • Antn: avoidably, unusually, unexpectedly
  22. Vigil
    Syn: An instance of keeping awake in sleeping hours, especially to keep watching or pray, jagarane
  23. Estrange
    Syn: To cause to feel less close or friendly, alienate, to cease contact with member, vishvasa kedisu, vimukhagolisu, antagonize
  24. Eternity
    Syn: Existence with out end, infinite time, comparatively long time, Shashwatate, All time
  25. Anticipate
    Syn: To know something before it happens, to expect, to eagerly wait for, nirikshisu, eduru nodu, look forward to
  26. Embrace
    Syn: To hug, to take in the arms, to clasp in the arms with affection, tabbiko, appiko, to encircle, to accept, to undergo
  27. Plege
    Syn: to deposit something as a security, to give assurance of friendship, pratinje, adavu, matinante nadeduko
  28. Fortify
    Syn: To increase the defence of, to strengthen and secure by military works, koteya
  29. Brandish
    To move or swing back and forth particularly if demonstrating skill, tirugisu, jhalapisu
  30. Miscreants
    Lacking in moral principles, one who is behaving badly or illegally, dushkarmigalu
  31. Skeptics
    Someone who habitually doubts, sandehavadigalu
  32. Vague, Vaguer, Vaguery
    Not clearly expressed, stated in indefinite terms, ambiguous, aspashta
  33. Animosity
    Active enmity, energetic dislike, hatred, opposition, viratva, dwesha
  34. Scamper
    A quick, light run, to run quickly in undignified manner, oota keelu
  35. Attrition
    Grinding down by fiction, tilkkata
  36. Repeal
    To cancel, invalidate, annul, raddu madu, tegeduhaku
  37. Proliferation
    The act of rising, increasing, enlargement, escalation, prasarana
  38. Adjourned
    Suspended or paused, mundakke haku
  39. Flourish
    To thrive or grow well, to develop, to be in a period of greatest influence, yelige, mere, adambaradinda torisu
  40. Unfazed
    Not frightened, peaceful, unravished, unspoiled, Shanta, halu madada
  41. Intervene
    To come between, to be between persons or things, madhyasthike, naduve ba
  42. Stiff
    Rigid, hard to bend, inflexible, tough, birusu, tivra
  43. Invasion
    A military troop entering another territory, aakramana, dali
  44. Rehabilitation
    Repair, restore, punarvasathi
  45. Ravaging
    To devastate or destroy something, halugedavu, havali madu
  46. Extinct
    No longer used, no longer in existence, gatisida, Nandi hoda
  47. Brink
    The edge, margin or border, anchinalli
  48. Endeavour
  49. Diligence
    Combination of carefulness and long-term effort, Shraddhe, parishrama
  50. Spur
    Something that inspires or motivates, prachodisu
  51. Thrive
    To grow or increase stature, vardhisu, shrimantanagu
  52. Burgeoning
    The act or budding or sprouting, beleyuttiruva
  53. Culminate
    To reach the peak point of summit, to the end, to reach climax, mugisu, antyagolisu
  54. Assessed
    To determine, estimate or judge the value of, to evaluate, to impose tax, moulyamapana, kandaya haku
  55. Imminent
    About to happen, occur or take place very soon, apaya sambhavisuva
  56. Vowing
    A promise to perform something, bharabase kodu
  57. Stave off
    To prevent something from happening, nivarisu
  58. Stern
    Having a hardness and severity of nature or manner, nishthura, tira kattu nittina, Kadu shistina
  59. Juvenile
    Young not fully developed, adult, tarunyada, yavvanada
  60. Conspiracy
    Agreement between two or more people to break law in the future, pituri, jateguduvike
  61. Contravention
    The act of contravening a rule or not fulfilling the regulation, vytiriktavagi
  62. Scamper
    A quick and light run, oota keelu
  63. Ripped
    Torn either partly or into separate pieces, copied or stolen data, sileruva, kattarisu
  64. Disguise
    Attire used to hide one's identify or assume other, vesha, maruvesha
  65. Embroiled
    To draw into a situation, to cause to be involved, seluki haki kondiruva
  66. Scant
    Very low or little, scarcely sufficient, not enough, Swlpa, atyalpa
  67. Burgeoning
    The act of budding, sprouting, beleyuttiruva
  68. Erode
    To destroy gradually by ongoing process, saveyuttiruva
  69. Robust
    Violent, rough, rude, Requiring stenght, dhrudhavada
  70. Unprecedented
    Never before seen or done, abhutpurva, hindendu kandillada, hosadada
  71. Procurement
    The act of obtaining, attainment, efficient management, galisuva
  72. Misconceive
    To misunderstand, Tappu kalpane
  73. Promulgated
    To make known or public, to put into effect as a regulation, ghoshisu
  74. Ostensibly
    Seemingly, apparently, on the surface, melnotakke
  75. Acknowledging
    To own as a genuine or valid, angikarisu
  76. Lament and Lamenting
    An expression of grief, suffering or sadness, rodhisu
  77. Remedy
    Something that corrects, parihara, nivarisu
  78. Abound
    To be full of overflowing, wealthy, to be highly productive, vipulavada,
  79. Instigate
    To provoke, to urge, stimulate, encourage, spur, prerepisu, ottayisu, prachodisu
  80. Unabated
    • Continuing at full strength or intensity, Avyahatavagi
    • Ex: The controversy over genetically modified food continues unabated in the west.
  81. Skirmish
    A brief battle between small groups, sannadada vada vivada, matina chakamiki
  82. Pernicious
    Causing much harm, causing death or injury, deadly, vinashakari
  83. Exaggerated
    • That has been discribed as greater than it actually is, abnormally increased or enlarged
    • Ex: The anti-GM lobby contends that pernicious propaganda has vastly exaggerated the benefits of GM.
  84. Vastly
    Greatly, in vast manner, aparavagi, tumba, bahala
  85. Allude
    To refer something indirectly, advert, hint, imply, indicate, parokshavagi suchisuttade
  86. Affluent
    Somebody who is wealthy, shrimanta, samruddha
  87. Mere
    Just, only, kevala
  88. Engulf
    To surround, to cover, avarisiko
  89. Mitigate
    To reduce, to lessen, to downplay, taggisu, mitagolisu, shantagolisu
  90. Dire
    Dreadful, dismal, horrible, terrible, lamentable, ugra, bhayankara
  91. Contentious
    Marked by heated arguments, controversy, intrusive, vivadaspada, gondalamaya
  92. Unravel
    To seperate the threads or disentangle, disengage, gojubidisu, bidisu
  93. Opine
    To express an opinion, abhiprayapadu
  94. Extinction
    No longer in existence, no longer used, alivina ancinalliruva
  95. Resilient
    Able to become strong or healthy, successful again after something bad happens, able to return in original shape, chetarisiko
  96. Adjoining
    Being in contact at some point or line, an adjoining room, adjacent
  97. Succumbed
    To yield to an overpowering force, to give up or give in, to die, tuttagu
  98. Rein
    To control, to govern, to restrain, hatoteyallidu
  99. Assent
    To agree or approve, agreement (noun), oppige, oppu
  100. Promulgate
    To put into effect as a regulation, haradu, prasiddhipadisu
  101. Evident
    Obviously true by simple observation, spashtavagi, pratyaksha
  102. Stance
    One's opinion or point of view, the manner, posture, niluvu
  103. Quell
    To kill, to subdue, to putdown, to silence, force to submit, to suppress, put an end, adagisu, damanisu, tuliduhaku, tale yettadante madu
  104. Exodus
    A sudden departure of large number of people, valase
  105. Epidemic
    A widespread disease that affects many individuals, sankramika
  106. Inconspicuously
    Not to attract attention, Vaguely, faintly, aspashtavada, eddu kanadanta, gamana seleyada
  107. Populace
    The common people of nation, inhabitants of nations, Jana samanya
  108. Verge
    The edge or border, gadi, anchu
  109. Emanating
    To come from a source, horasusu
  110. Deteriorate
    To make worse, to make inferior in quality or value, kedisu
  111. Affinity
    A natural attraction, aakarshane
  112. Ideological
    Pertaining to ideology, siddhantika
  113. Insist
    To demand continually that something happen or be done, to demand, to provoke, ottayisu
  114. Eager
  115. Chauvinist
    • Katta
    • Ex: katta Brahmin family, katta bjp
  116. Strident
    Loud, high pitched, piercing, rough sounded, karkashavada, gattiyada
  117. Stabbed
    The act of stabbing or thrusting with an object, irida, chuccida
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