blood bank

  1. Neonate product selection
    • 1. Try to give CPD or CPDA
    • 2. Using AS-1 is institution specific
    •         a. Some studies suggest AS-1 may be                 harmful.
    • 3. If transfusing non-O, the RBC must be compatible with neonate and Mom or must test infant for anti-A and anti-B
  2. Irradiated blood products are used for:
    • Immunocompromised
    • directed donations from family member
    • HLA matched components

    Goal is to prevent GVHD
  3. Cold Antibodies
    In cold climates, you find igloos (Ii) & Penquins (P). 

    Penquin is carrying a bag of M&Ms (MN)

    Veronic Lewis (Lewis) is dressed up as an Eskimo waving Hi (H).
  4. What may cause an autocontrol to be positive and DAT is negative?
    May be antibodies to enhancement medium or an autoantibody that reacts only in the enhancement medium.
  5. What antibodies are not developed at birth?
    Lewis and I

    * There are others, but for this case, only mentioning Lewis and I.
  6. Enzymes treated cells destroy and enhance which major antibodies?
    MN, Duffy, & Xga - Antgiens are destroyed or reduced

    Lewis, Rh, & Kidd - Antigens enhanced.
  7. Which antibodies may be ruled out on heterozygous cells
    • K
    • Jsa
    • Kpa
    • Lua

    • If with anti-D, can you rule out C & E with a heterozygous cell. Almost all D negs are rr.
    • There is a low chance of getting r' or r" cells.
  8. Cannot always rule out...
    Rare Rh: f, V, Cw

    Low incidence: Jsa, Kpa, Lua
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