microbio researchers and contributions

  1. robert hook
    1st observation of cells, called them "little boxes"
  2. antony van lewvenhook
    • 1st observation of microorganisms
    • father of parasitology and microbiology
    • created lens to magnify 10x
    • observed "little animalculis"
  3. edward jenner
    1st development of Variola vaccine
  4. Louis pasteur
    • first to prove biogenesis
    • first to introduce sterilization for medical equipment
    • fermentation, vaccination, attenuation
  5. Robert Koch
    • Germ theory
    • Koch Disease - isolate M.tuberculosis from G-pigs
    • acid fast stain
  6. Joseph Lister
    asceptic surgery, using carbolic acid
  7. Neisser
    Neisseria Gonorrhea
  8. Walter Reed
    yellow fever virus (flavi virus)
  9. gram
    gram stain (positive and negative)
  10. Escherich
    Escherichia coli
  11. Petri
    Petri dish
  12. Shiga
    shigella dysentery
  13. chagas
    trypanosoma cruzi
  14. alexander flaming
  15. watson
    structure of DNA
  16. Emil a. von Behrin
    diptheria antitoxin
  17. kitasato
    clostridium tetani
  18. theobald smith
    babesia microti protozoan
  19. ferdidnand twort
    • interaction between bacteria and viruses
    • formation of plaques
  20. dimetris ivanowski
    tobacco mosaic viruses
  21. albert schatz
  22. paul ehrlich
    • 1st proposed antibody
    • stain for flagella, endospore, capsule
  23. ernest abbe
    developed oil immersion objective & condenser for microscope
  24. ferdinand chon
    introduced active and dormant bacteria
  25. francisco redi
    meat experiments inside test tubes to prove biogenesis
  26. john needham and alex hensen
    believed spontaneous generation & denied biogenesis
  27. Oliver wendell
    must wash hands before giving birth
  28. loeffler
    found encephalitis virus in horse brain
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microbio researchers and contributions
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