Part 16 Emergency Equipment

  1. What condition activates the emergency lighting system?
    Loss of power to the AC ground service bus
  2. How long will the emergency lighting system operate once activated?
    15 minutes with fully charged batteries.
  3. When are the emergency lighting batteries charged?
    • When the emergency light switch is in the OFF or ARM position, if right emergency
    • bus is powered.
  4. When the Emergency light test switch is pressed, what is the indication of a
    successful test?
    • EMER LT TEST PASS will display on the EAD. (Button must be held for at least 7
    • seconds.)
  5. What would the indication on the EAD be if the emergency light test fails?
    • No indication. The “EMER LT TST PASS” does not appear on the EAD.
    • Selecting the STATUS or MISC cue switch would display the faulty battery packs.
  6. Once the PBE hood is activated how long will it provide breathable air?
    Approximately 15 minutes.
  7. What is the visual indication the oxygen supply is depleted in a PBE hood?
    Flashing RED light.
  8. What are the three ways to open the cabin doors?
    • a) Electrically
    • b) Pneumatically
    • c) Manually
  9. What action is required to manually open the cabin door?
    • Door control handle must be in the “Emergency Door Open” position. (electrically
    • and pneumatically tried first).
  10. Below what cabin differential pressure will a cabin door open in flight if it is
    inadvertently activated pneumatically in flight?
    Approximately 0.55 PSI
  11. What is the indication if low pressure in the slide inflation cylinder?
    A low pressure light installed on the door will illuminate.
  12. Where is the alternate escape route from the cockpit?
    • The clearview windows and the avionics compartment door in the floor behind the
    • Captain’s seat.
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